Pale Boy Blue

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He was so young & so disturbed.

Submitted: January 13, 2008

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Submitted: January 13, 2008



Pale Boy Blue

Billy was a silly boy.

He never once had a toy.

His mom and dad gave him many, but he never wanted any.


They stared at him with puzzled looks, as he sat and read his books.


He would draw, and he would play.

But never with toys; he’d just throw them away.


Mom and Dad worried about his fun.

Cuz he’d stay in the basement, away from the sun.


He preferred the color black.


To “fun” colors like blue and lilac.

He went from liking dogs and cats.


To loving monstrous beasts and bats.

Then Billy woke up on one hideously sunny morning.


Thinking to himself ‘life is so unruly and boring’.

He jumped out of bed and then out the window.


Hitting the cold welcoming ground below.

Mom and Dad awoke, finding his room bare.


They never found little Billy’s body anywhere.

And to this day, it remains a mystery.


Of whatever happened to that Silly Billy

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