Wreckless Pain

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It's kinda longg.

Submitted: August 03, 2008

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Submitted: August 03, 2008



You lie to her.

Violate her.

Make her cry her heart out.

You tell her,she doesn't have a chance ;

And she knows it's really your loss.

But she still cries,and feelings of loss and grief are inside.

She knows you're just a jerk ;

To just shake it off,and get back up and go.

But you were something special,you were her first true love ;

She thought maybe things would change if you knew.

Well,she was right ;

Things did change,but they changed to be worse than they started.

For awhile,things were going great.

You made her feel happy,

Like she truly mattered for once,and that someone cared for her.

She never thought things could end like this.

You never even planned to face her ;

Of course e-mail is easier than seeing her full-blown tears,

And her fake heart-less laugh.

She still pretends she's happy,

But if you look closely you can tell she's everything but happy.

She lost her best friend,

For showing her love.

She thought things could go further,

But they just started to drift further apart.

She knows she shouldn't care ;

She'll find someone better,someone new.

She would even kill to hear him say "I Love You".

She knew it would be fake,

But she's so good at pretending things are real now-a-days.

And now she feels ; lost,alone,violated,and betrayed.

But you won't see her break ;

She put's on the fake smile once again,

And goes through another day of wreckless pain.

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