The Drive By

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It's been 2 months since "Silencing the Neighbors" & the city's newest killer has decided to get rid of the neighborhood's newest drug dealer.

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Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013




The Drive By


It's been 2 months since my murder spree next door, to silence my neighbors & I've been sleeping exceedingly well.  It's worked out better then I thought.  Most of the other tenants have moved out & the slumlord that owns the property is offering 2 months free rent & no deposit because he can't find new tenants.  I hope he does a better job of screening his applicants; but more importantly, I'm thinking I'd like another victim. 


I'm on my way home from work & I stop off at my favorite little grocery store on Monroe St., Simon’s Market, right on the border of one of the city's many ghettos. A hundred years ago it was the address to have. Now, it's just a bunch of shit holes; victorian mansions long ago converted into apartments & the upkeep since ignored. 


I notice this guy hanging out front of the store; he's not one of the usual bums that hangout & panhandle.  He's clean & has expensive running shoes on and...what did he just sell to that other guy?  That other guy looks like a crackhead. I watch from my car from across the street for a few more minutes & another crackhead approaches him & buys something as well. About this time a group of young Mexican girls, about 12 or so, walk by from the local catholic school & get a long leer from this parasite. Apparently he likes them young but more importantly, I think I have found my next victim. 


Over the next 2 weeks I study my guy & get a good assessment of his habits. This will be a challenge. If I want him for my next victim, it'll have to be during the day, no later then 6 or 7pm. It still gets dark early, I'll have some cover but I'll still need a good plan. 


I'm at a small immigrant owned electronics store across town.  I'm wearing a ball cap & I avoid the only video camera.  I buy a used cell phone for $15, a pink Razor & a 10 minute phone card; I won't need anything more than that.  I pay cash & walk to my car parked a few blocks down.  I'll make a 911 call right about shift change.  That should keep them occupied while I commit my crime. 


I'll need a different car. There will, most likely, be witnesses.  I still have my old ski mask & I can get my black sweats out of the Goodwill box.  I could steal a car but I don't know how.  I could get a rental car I guess but that could be traced if someone gets the plate number.  I could remove the plates but then I might get pulled over & that won't do.  I could use someone else's license plates.  Another drug dealer's perhaps? They're always killing each other in drive by's.


I take a field trip to the ghettos south of downtown, where it’s well known the city’s drugs come from, looking for inspiration.  The houses in this area are old and run down factory homes built for workers when this used to be an industrial area.  The factories are long gone now & all that’s left are abandoned warehouses.  I take a left on Clay St. &... & this must be where all the drug dealers live.  They’re the same old run down houses but with some very nice & expensive cars parked in the drive ways, all of which, have be ruined with ugly & over sized rims & garish chrome accessories.  But who to pick?  I’m starting to attract un-wanted attention, I’ll come back later.


I’m up at 4 am, 2 hours earlier then I need to be but I’m going on an early morning run to the drug dealer neighborhood to see if I can find an un-willing accomplice.  No one is out and almost none of the street lights work & I think I found it.  A big black Escalade, how very drug dealer chic.  I note the address & decide to plan my drive by shooting for the weekend.


I make a reservation with a local car rental company for an Escalade; I’m a bit shocked at the price but it’ll be money well spent.  After work I stop of an arts & craft store & pick up some double sided tape as well as a cheap screw driver. 


It’s Friday morning at about 3:50am & I’m on my way back to the drug dealer neighborhood to get some incriminating evidence for my drive by tomorrow.  I turn off my head lights as I approach the house with the Escalade.  I look around to make sure no one is out & it looks like I’m clear.  I wait for a few minutes to let my eyes adjust to the dark.  I make sure the interior light in my car is turned off, as not to attract attention, then take my screw driver & head to the drive way where the Escalade is parked & as quick as I can, remove the front license plate.  I move to the rear of the SUV, double checking that no one is out & start on the back when the porch light switches on.


SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!  I don’t know what to do!  I’m frozen & my brain starts to race.  There’s no where to hide!  I quickly move to the side of the little house & press myself as flat as I can as the bolt unlocks & the front door opens.  I hear the door shut & lock; foot steps are coming my way.  I can’t let myself get caught!   As the foot steps near the corner of the house where I’m hiding I commit myself to a solution.  I come out of the darkness & in one quick motion I thrust the screw driver into his chest.  He grabs me, almost like an embrace & we are face to face; his eyes are wide with shock as his body goes limp.


I drag him to the back of his Escalade & lay him down; he’s already dead & I’m surprised at how little blood there is.  My heart is racing but I’m surprisingly calm.  I think I liked that.  I’ll have to remember this for next time.  I snap myself back to the here & now.  I stand up from behind the SUV to take a quick look around.  No body is out, I’m in the clear.  I remove the screw driver from his chest & pull up his shirt to wipe the blood off...there’s a gun in his waste band, a 9mm I think. Perfect.  This will save me a trip to the state line.  Perhaps I’ll goto the beach instead.  This will also push up my time table.  I feel around in his pockets & locate his keys & hide his body inside the back of the Escalade.  The windows are tinted black, he should be safe for now. I finish removing the license plate & head home; I still need to get ready for work.  


After work I stop off at the ATM for some cash before picking up my rental, a big black Escalade just like the drug dealers use, it even comes with garish rims.  I should be tired, I’ve had a full day so far but I’m still high from this morning & looking forward to doing it again this evening.


I turn on the police scanner app on my phone as I pull out of the rental agency parking lot & get on the freeway listening for the day shift to start going out of service.  As I approach my exit I hear, “Unit 38 going 10-10.”  A moment later I hear another, then another.  As I exit the freeway I pull out my used pink Razor & dial 9-1-1.  I use my best dramatic voice & plead for help just before I throw the phone out the window & into the back of a parked pick up truck without ending the call & I race the rest of the way home. 


I pull the Escalade into my garage & shut the door.  I pack my weekend bag & change into my sweats.  I put on my gloves, my ski mask, rolled up to look like a beanie cap & grab my new gun.  I use the double sided tape to attach the plates I borrowed; they don’t look perfect but they’ll do; & I’m on my way within 15 minutes.


I head east, obeying all the traffic laws. Simon’s market is only 6 short blocks away from my house.  I slow way down for the last block before Monroe St. & watch for witnesses.  I see my guy but he’s dealing to a couple of people.  I drive past & circle the block.  I come back around determined to follow through.  This time the scene is clear.  I pull up across from the market, roll down my window & hold up my cash with my left hand & signal my guy as I grip the 9mm with my right hand.  He nods at me & jogs across the street.  When he’s about 2 feet from the Escalade I lower my left hand & raise my right & shoot him twice in the chest, I then pull down my ski mask & for dramatic effect I exit the Escalade & shoot him again in the head.  


By this time the clerk from Simon’s has come out side to see what was going on.  I point the gun at him but I don’t shoot. I actually find him quite likable but he doesn’t know that & he scurries back inside; scared to death no doubt.  I get back inside my rental & pull off.  I check the rear view mirror & see the clerk taking down my license plate number as any good citizen would.  A few blocks down I make a left, then a quick right into a neighborhood that has more vacant lots then homes.  I stop & quickly pop off the borrowed plates & toss them into the bushes.  I get back into the SUV & head towards downtown less than 5 minutes away.  I turn right on California St., my drive by shooting is just now being reported on the scanner.  I manage to catch all of the green lights & 3 minutes later I’m on the freeway heading for the beach & long deserved weekend away.


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