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The small incidences can make who a person is now...

Submitted: December 17, 2012

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Submitted: December 17, 2012



You know those people who are always going to be a part of your life no matter what they put you through, no matter how much pain you go through, or how many lies they tell you. I do. You know those moments when the person you love is just standing there looking into your eyes, and the world seems to disappear, I do. It happens every time I look into theirs. Did I ever tell them that, no of course not. They wouldn't believe me if I did.  You know those times when you keep hoping that they will say the one thing that would make you smile for the rest of the day, but they never do. Yeah. I know that moment too. You know how it feels to feel lost in your own body, wanting time to find yourself again, no one can help you and you want to be alone, in every aspect including relationship, so you want to escape the embrace of everyone, and when you do everyone hates you. I know that moment well. You know that moment when you reflect on everything you've done in the past, and you realise what you're doing now is going to take you down in the future. I have had that daily for the past two months. You know those times when you think, why can't I be like perfect in every way, having the perfect life and fun all the time. Why can't I be perfect?

How about these moments then...

Meeting someone for the first time, and at first thinking why are they looking at me like that? Then over the space of a week falling for them, falling hard? And the only reason why you remember the exact date of meeting them is because a friend died that day? Then going through months of a relationship with them and thinking...Is this right? Will it really last forever? How can you hurt me and I still love you? WHY IS IT LIKE THIS?!!!!!

I know these moments oh too well. Just now I realise, that these moments even though they hurt me, or they crushed me, are what makes me today. They are the reason why I am still living the way I am, they are the reason how I can say things. How I confuse people, I honestly don't mean to but if you get confused. Think about this...

I'm a riddle.

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