The Path: My Mother's Stories

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This is something i've written based off how close me and my mother use to be &how much i've "changed" but also how much we're still the same.

Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013



I am not my mother's shadow anymore. My aunt has told me so many stories. I am  now the illusion of a woman she hopes she's raised right. I am true, respectful, sweet, smart and a "good" child of god. But now I have blossomed into someone else according to her. I am mean, feeble, angry and wrong. These things resemble my mother at times. My uncle has told me so many stories. I am more like my mother everyday. I'll admit, but in so many ways I am diffrent. I look at life as a gift . I didn't have to be brought here and I didn't ask. I was ment to be here for a reason. Someone once told me to live everyday to the fullest; as if it were your last because it could be and I believed that whole-heartedly. I am not perfect, neither is my mother. My grandma has told me so many stories. When I was five I thought she everything. Now I am nineteen, bisexual(i like boys and girls; one in particilar), painstricken an trying to move on. My once long hair like my mother's (my father has told me so many stories) falls short in an edgy hair cut. My eyes once blue as a girl, shines a dimly bright brown. My once lanky and skinny figure (My cousin has told me so many stories) is now curvy and fully shaped. As I may have had a wonderful childhood. Growing taller and taller everyday blossoming. It's sad to say the older I got the more I knew pain. My sister has told me so many stories. I am not a replica of my mother. I am not feeble, angry, wrong nor mean. I was lost. Very lost. Now I think my path has been altered I am not meant to be my mother's replica or illusion no longer. I am meant to find myself and write my own story. My mother is a wonderful woman and has raised us as best she could on her own but I am my own person. I use what she's taught me everyday to my extent and I listen to the new advice but the time is now to cherish..

I've heard so many stories of people wishing they did while they still had the chance. My mother will probbly miss out.

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