What I want & What I don't know...

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2 in 1 :) Though I put it as "song lyric" genre hehe, who knows~

Submitted: November 26, 2010

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Submitted: November 26, 2010



i’ve been pretending for so long
it seems like everything is going wrong
i pretend to be something im not
its something i would have never thought
i was fine until the bell rang
i knew you were acting
i dont know if i could ever move on
maybe all of this is gone..
i go to school just to see you
but you’re always with your crew
i might have no chance
but at least i can have glance
i think i need to stop
or i will only shed another tear drop
and that honestly,
isnt what i want…
i dont know which is going to hurt worse,
i dont know, but i dont wanna wait for someone
when i know in my gut its never going to happen…
my heart is telling me to wait, that it will pay off
but my gut and my head is telling me there is no
point in waiting for someone when you are clearly
going to be second place no matter
how you get together…

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