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This short story was influenced by an actor and a song, it's about love and making someone you love happy.

Submitted: March 19, 2016

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Submitted: March 19, 2016



Two souls lost. They meet on a pier in England where sea birds gather to fish for their food. A lovely girl decides to feed the birds some oatmeal. She is crying and one of her teardrops hits a bird and it launches off making the most of the pack fly away too. A handsome guy looks her way to see what disturbance happened. She is wearing black on black. The only colored item is the shoelaces of her converse. He thought this must be the only colorful thing she is wearing but he gave a second thought about the undergarments he can’t see. He was wearing a white shirt tucked into his black trousers as if he is ready for an interview any minute. She glances over the birds until she meets his eye. She saw how sharp he is. He decides to approach her and she quickly looks to the water. He starts up a conversation:



Don’t be so sad, the birds have a quick realization of the changes of the weather, it’s going to rain you know.

Ah! And here I thought it was my gloominess that drove them away and leave me standing alone.

No, you may look lonely but you must have a story to tell behind those eyes.

She reaches her hand, nodding.


He grabs her hand and smiles.


It starts to drizzle.

Do you think we can go to some café to avoid the rain?

He flushes with a chuckle.

I’m also famished.

Sure, let’s go.

She nods assuredly.

They spend the next couple of hours watching the pouring rain drench the side walk beside the café window.

Charlie asks

Why don’t you wear colorful things?

She answers, almost winking

Maybe you’re not looking too closely

Hahaha, what makes you think I haven’t thought of that?

She smiles and inquires

What are we having for dessert then?

Tiramessu avec moca

He glances at her eyes waiting for approval, which she fails to give


She explains, exhailing

I’ve never liked moca in anything other than coffee itself

He smiles

Maybe you’ll like it now

He gives the waiter the order, he smiles at her

Why not try new things, huh?

His smile makes her smile uncontrollably, she started thinking

“What am I doing here sitting for almost 3 hours with a stranger?”

The dessert arrives and Charlie dips his fork first and approaches it to her mouth

Tell me what you think

She tastes every element and enjoys it for a second until she realizes that she loves it

Wow! How delicious is this!

She gives him a look of admiration.

They look at each other’s eyes for a brief second.

A half hour later the plate is wiped and the rain stops.

Let’s know a bit about each other

What about naming thins and saying if we believe in them or not?

Sounds great, I’ll go first, checkered T-shirts?

She says laughing


He laughed so smoothly from the pit of his stomach

“He has a nice laugh” She thought to herself.

What! You don’t think this looks okay?

He exclaims

She answers almost laughing

You look sharp as if you are about to head into an interview

I just like to look organized so I can never worry about how I look at midday

Nodding, she agrees

Now, do you believe in any other colour than black?

Nope, black is beautiful

Come on! What is the brightest colour you have in your dresser?

A green shirt! I hate it. It looks like phony blue

He laughs

That’s accurately true

Don’t suppose you believe in jeans?

Too constraining

She nods


No. Well I’m not sure. No one knows if I hadn’t met you I’d be drowning in the rain or still sulking at the birds that flew away


What about you?

I guess so because I think we were meant to meet so I can sheer you up and protect you from the rain

He says, almost smiling

She takes a moment to appreciate his smile, his eyes and silk hair


I don’t think so. Most of the marriages I’ve known ended up in legal disputes and an awful lot of agony. You?

Apart from that I think its casual but there is beauty in it you know? To live with someone, to decorate together and be called by the same name. It is a bit enchanting to be in a whirlwind of a thing that stays on documents for years.

She answers so excitedly and he can’t help but smile at her eagerness

So, yes?

80% yes

She says chuckling

Hey what about we exchange phone numbers? I’d love to see you again sometime.

Sure, yeah.

They exchange phone numbers and leave the café. Only two days pass by before they hear from each other again

Hey Em, it’s Charlie.

Hey Charlie, how are you?

Great thanks, you?

Doing great, thanks

What about going shopping? I need to change up my look after getting the fourth comment in the past three days about my otherwise fashionable get up.

Hahaha! Okay then, when?

When are you free?

Now and tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night would be great. 7 p.m. I’ll text you my suggestion and then we can debate on it and I might take you out shopping.

Ooooh is that a date?

Why not? We already dated two days ago right?

He says almost laughing.

Okay, I’ll meet you tomorrow.

She says almost giggling.

The next day they meet at a tuxedo shop. She starts looking for him around the place until lhe crosses out of a shirts lane.

I knew it

She says sarcastically

He chuckles

Yeah well, old habits are hard to die you know.

Okay, how about these checkered T-shirts now?

Hmm, okay let’s try it, what harm could it do?

She grabs him a purple and light blue checkered T-shirt. He tries it on, looks in the mirror. He decides it’s a little weird but he likes it.

Come one, show me

She says, eagerly

He steps out smiling, she admires the view

I think this one is a no-brainer

Tell that to three-days-ago-Charlie

Yeah, no kidding. I really like this one

One thing though

She gets closer to him

May I?

He nods

She gets the shirt out of his trousers

Don’t do that to the poor hem of your new shirt

He laughs

One more thing

She grabs him a pair of jeans.

Try it on with the shirt

He looks unconvincingly

I know, just try it

He takes the jeans and tries them, again, he doesn’t know how he feels about it but he’s amazed at how the combination looks on him. He likes it very much.

Come on now

He steps out, blushing

Yeah, I really like these two together

She slips into a trance while admiring him

Yeah, you look really fashionable too.

Okay, your turn now. Let me purchase these items and hit another shop. Okay?

Yeah, let’s go

She is happier than three days ago, he notices it.

You feeling better than the other day?


What was bothering you?

Loneliness mostly, having a vacant, echoing apartment… there is just too much space of emptiness you know?

Charlie realized that she wasn’t just talking about an empty apartment, it was more than that.

Ah, seems like I just came in the right time

They both trade laughs as they reach the shop

He tries to pick her something colourful. She picks a nice laced black dress which he agrees on. While she went to try it he found what he has been looking for. A little yellow dress, it was in a beautiful shade and he knew it would suit her complexion.

Come on, show me.

She comes out requesting him to close the zipper on the back. He does so carefully, touching her skin made him flush and made her get goosebumps. He admired her beauty while she looked in the mirror. She caught his wandering eyes and thought of what he must be thinking only she didn’t know that he was admiring her beauty.

So? What do you think?

Ah. It’s beautiful. I like it. And you rock the black colour very smoothly.

He hands her the yellow dress.

I want to see you in this one too, please.

She gives it a thought then eventually agrees. She asks him to free the zipper on the black dress which made his cheeks hot, he did so and admired her back bones and skin. She had fair skin, totally beautiful.

She tries the dress on, she doesn’t know how to feel about it. She can’t recall the last time she ever wore colour, maybe because she never did. It was certainly different on her. She likes the puffy tail and the sleeves and the fabric. She goes out to show Charlie and he immediately falls in a trance.

I love this one too, you look so beautiful

Yeah, it’s a bit challenging but I like it too, let’s buy these two and get out of here

They walk almost for an hour until she reaches her apartment

I know we have not planned for this but I live here, what about you come up and rest up from carrying our shopping bags? I have beer.

She says teasingly.

Sure, I would love to see this vacant place of yours.

They get up three flights of stairs, she slips her hand in her pocket and brings out a key chain that includes only two keys.

What’s the other key for?

Charlie asks

The door downstairs, there was a stalker once so the whole building got a lock and made copies for everyone. Here we go.

She motions for him to enter. He takes a 360 look of his surroundings. Not much to focus on.

You weren’t kidding, this place really echoes.

Yeah remember when I needed to decorate with someone? I think I meant it.

She says laughing


He follows with a chuckle but he isn’t laughing

She hands him a cold beer then takes her shopping bags and gets out the dresses to put them on a couple of hangers beside her bed. She doesn’t even have a cupboard. Just drawers and a couple of long nails in the wall behind the door.

When did you buy this place?

A couple of years back, why?

Your place looks like you just came two weeks ago, but you know what! It already feels like you, I’m not sure if it is the scent or the pure hollowness, no offence.

He raises his hand to his heart

None taken, apparently you just described how I feel about this place, I didn’t know it can be put into words.

Is that good or bad?

Good, at least I know something. Do you want something to eat?

So hospitable, aren’t you?

Just trying to make you feel comfortable since this is my place and I’m terribly nervous and awkward.

It’s okay, just sit down and enjoy this beer with me, how does that sound?

Okay I guess.

They sit together on the couch for half an hour, no talking, just staring at the opposing wall and playing with an occasional stray thread.

I want an ice cream, what do you think?

Charlie offers, with a smile.

Okay, I don’t have any so we might go to a shop about a corner away, does that sound good?

Totally, let’s go.

They leave the building and stroll to the shop, Charlie chooses chocolate and strawberries, Emma chooses yoghurt and berries with moca.

Trying out moca in new things?

Taking your advice

They get a taste of each other’s ice creams first.

Oh you’ll love yours

Yours is pretty awesome too

He watched her while she tastes the combination of her order. She enjoys it so much he could read it on her face and her moan

This is amazing

Told you

Charlie says smiling

They continue eating from both cones until they’ve finished them

What now?

Emma asks, smiling

We bid each other good night and have some sleep so we can pass the long night hours so it would finally be time to meet again tomorrow.

Wow look at the time! Is it really one a.m.?

Charlie nods

Well I bid you good night so I can go home, pass the night hours so we can meet again tomorrow.

She says in one breath and he laughs

Good night, Emma

Good night, Charlie

He says bitterly smiling

She notices that his eyes drop and regret the words but she feels awkward thinking about hugging him, she flushes and turn her back to him and goes into her building. Charlie makes sure she’s in and waits a couple of minutes until she lights up her room and he starts to walk away. She looks from the window cell to find him walking, head down, hands at his sides. Her blood racing through her veins as she runs to the door, opens it, rushes down the stairs to the building door, runs after him.


She says

Charlie turns around

I don’t want to rush you. I know we have something here but I don’t want to ruin anything or push you into anything

You like me right?

More than a lot of repeated I like you-s

Then what?

I love you

Charlie says it again as if he is admitting and confirming it with a determined nod

Me too, so why can’t you stay?

She almost tears up, Charlie notices her teary eyes and rushes closer to her, hold her face and wipes her tear away. He holds her in his arms, too tight she feels he’s mending her broken pieces back together. Emma reaches up to kiss him, slowly but eventually they kiss. It feels like it has been a long time coming.

They knew they wanted to kiss but they knew nothing of how much they were desperate for it. Since the day they met, since forever.

I’m still trying to figure out how we could already be in love after what? Five days? I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to make you happy and enjoy every single moment possible with you.

He says as he looks into her eyes that constantly keep watering.

Please stop tearing up, you’re killing me.

She laughs which makes him laugh, squeezing his eyes a tear sails down his cheeks too.

I just didn’t know how much I needed you too bad, and I don’t want to hurt you either. I want to have every day with you, every moment of you counts. Too bad we have busy jobs, ha?

He laughs as he kisses her again

We’ll get by, now go to your place, it’s going to rain soon and I don’t want us catching a cold or we won’t be able to kiss for a week, I wouldn’t like that.

She nods

Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow, good night Charlie.

Good night Emma.

The next morning called for some work, they already couldn’t get enough sleep after their whirlwind night so they couldn’t help but day dream about each other. The hours were long and they had texted to see when could they meet during the day or talk, they only had the window of 30 minutes which wasn’t enough for them to meet but enough for them to talk, just 30 minutes of their voices for each other was everything they asked for in their boring day jobs, they talked about their jobs and made plans for the weekend. Charlie teased her with a surprise, something he thought of on the way home the night before. She asked about it only to be confronted with his teasing voice until they both laughed and had to go back to work. On her way home, Emma decided to have dessert before dinner so she bought the same scopes Charlie had the night before. She finished them and went grocery shopping then went home. She was making dinner when she heard a knock on her door, a delivery. A cupboard that almost fit her dresses. She thought they got the wrong place until they said who purchased it. Charlie. She took the offer and called him immediately.

What is this? You are a decorator now?

You like it?

I love it but this is too much, Charlie

You said you wanted to decorate with someone, how about I buy a piece and buy the following one until we’re finished with your place then we could start on mine?

You live in a vacancy too?

Less vacant than yours but seriously needs more things. I have a cupboard for all my white shirts you know!

They both laugh

Yeah, I would figure so. You sure I’m not going to drain you out or something?

No you won’t, and you’re worth it, but I’m safe and very economical, plus I’m selling some old stuff I have.

Well, I demand to see your place now

I’ll text you my address, I hope you like re-heated pizza for dinner

Aw, how sad!

You’re telling me that!

They both laugh

Well I have some stuff to make dinner, I’ll make a quick one and come over. Save your re-heated pizza for a sad day, okay?

Sounds good, see you soon.

See you

She makes dinner and receives his text about the address, she finally reaches his place, turns out he lives in his own floor, she rings the doorbell, Charlie answers smiling.

You’re wearing my dress

She replies with a chuckle

And you’re wearing my shirt and jeans, how dare you?

Charlie giggles

I guess that makes sense, come in. I know it’s a bit bigger than yours but you won’t get lost around here

You have your own floor, help me understand that

It was my parent’ now it’s mine, It’s full of some older garments that are on their way to breaking, that’s why I want to sell what I can and maybe repair some of the valued ones.

Oh sorry

No don’t be, it was a heavy burden to be around them anyway

They’re not dead?

No, they’re divorced, remarried to different people, had their own new families.

Oh, now I get it

Don’t worry, I’m better off now, we used to fight a lot anyway

She holds him, kisses him, Charlie gets pulled too much he forgets what he was thinking about and loosens his muscles like he’s melting in her arms

See? You just made me feel much better

They both smile

So what’s cooking?

Well, I have some lasagna and different salads

I still didn’t figure out if we like the same food

Please! Like I know too?

She says sarcastically

Apparently you do, I love a good salad and lasagna, let me get some plates

Emma follows him to the kitchen, he has a couple of cabins and a stove top accompanied with an electric oven


That’s because it’s not used that often

Maybe we could change that someday

I’d like that

Charlie says while handing her the plates and getting a quick kiss, they have dinner and Charlie washes the dishes

Another thing I didn’t know about you, you wash dishes.

Well they’re not gonna wash themselves, right? Besides, living alone teaches to be responsible of some stuff.

Months pass by with Charlie and Emma doing the exact same things, decorating each other’s places, cooking in their respective homes every other night. Emma’s things around Charlie’s place and Charlie’s stuff around her place. It’s like they moved in together in their places. One day, Charlie was running an errand for work and he was walking home where he found a jewelry shop. He thought of Emma and of all the times she made him laugh. He used to think about his parents fighting when he passed any jewelry shop but not this time. He thought of her. Emma.

“I’m just going to take a look around”

Charlie thought to himself. He spends about half an hour going through necklaces then goes to the rings where he talks to himself

“Really? It is either a necklace or a look around the ring section”

He decides to look around through the rings, his view at one point fixates on a particular ring, he looks at the sales person

May I have a look on this ring, please?

The sales person agrees and gets Charlie the ring

“It’s perfect”

Is all what Charlie can think of

I’ll take it

He finally says confidently, he buys the ring and calls Emma straight away.

Hey, want to have dinner at my place tonight?

I cooked yesterday

No, I’ll cook, trust me

Deal, there’s something cute and funny about your voice

I just did something that made me proud, I hope you like it too

What is it?

You know I can’t tell you that, wear something fancy tonight, let’s do this right, okay?

Alright, lover boy, see you tonight

See you, Em

Charlie cooks dinner like he has never done it before, he is terribly careful about everything, he set the table with beautiful garments Emma had bought him not long ago. Emma rings the door bell and Charlie is ready to face his fateful night.

“It’s all or nothing”

He thinks as he opens the door and sees her face, he hesitates for a second but she is smiling and its reassuring him. He motions for her to get in, takes her jacket only to be amazed by what she is wearing. He’s stared for a long moment and what broke it was her giggle.

So? Do you like it?

She was wearing a beautiful one sleeved white long dress

It is white!

Yeah it is, Trendsetter.

They both smile at each other

Look at you though, looking dapper with jeans, colored shirt and a black vest, it’s like you know how it’s done

She says while gazing at him lovingly

Well, I pay attention to how the actors you like dress

Charlie says chuckling, Emma laughs and dives for a long kiss

What did you cook for us tonight then?

Our favourite meals, lasagna and tiramessu

Wow! You learned how to cook?

She says teasingly and he almost pinches her

Okay, okay I guess we’ll see

She says winking at him

Charlie serves the food, then the dessert and gets a couple of glasses of red wine

You should be proud of your boy here

Okay, I’m proud of you Charlie. Why?

They giggle as Charlie starts to break a sweat and she notices it

What is it?

I passed by a jewelry shop today, normally when I do I think of my parents’ fights and think more and more about how ridiculous the idea of marriage is. But today I didn’t think of that. I thought of you today. It got me thinking about what you said the first day we met about decorating and being together under the same entity, we’ve been doing that already so it is only fair that I ask you to marry me now.

He brings out the ring and Emma is amazed at his change of heart and starts to tear up

Will you marry me, Emma?

She smiles at him and says

Yes of course, trendsetter

Thank God, I was so scared to lose you here, I love you so much

I love you too, Charlie

They share a kiss and a hug too tight as if they are afraid to lose each other in a storm.

© Copyright 2018 erintouchthesky. All rights reserved.

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