Trendsetter part 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016



Emma sometimes likes to push away the urge of sleep. Charlie noticed that she does that every other day. He asked her about it.

Why do you not like sleep?

It’s not that I don’t like to sleep it’s that I choose not to.

Okay but why?

I like watching you sleep?

She raises her eyebrow and Charlie chuckles.

No seriously?

I don’t know what is it actually, maybe I like to make myself suffer or maybe my brain likes to have every life altering decision at 2 a.m. there is always this something that I keep thinking of when it’s time to sleep.

Is it one thing in particular?

Not really, it changes every night. Sometimes it’s something stupid, sometimes it’s serious. I think it depends on the day or so.

In some way, Charlie knew what Emma was talking about. He often had days when sleep was a luxury he couldn’t afford. When he was a little kid and then again in his university years because of how much he was committed to his studies.

You know, I used to do that too, a long time ago.



Why was that?

Well, it started when I was 9 years old. I started noticing my parents’ resentment for one another. One day I was coming home from school and I heard them shouting. Something about him hating his life and how his work drove him crazy and uninterested in any other thing, my father took his anger and aimed it at my mother because she often did things that he didn’t like such as cooking her favourite meals or going to work each night. Anything she did that kept her busy he resented. I make a fuss so they know I arrived home so they’d stop fighting, which they do. He leaves for work and she serves me lunch.

That’s why you didn’t like the idea of marriage?

Yeah, but that’s half of the story.

Okay, go on.

Later that same day, it’s 6 p.m. he’s home, she’s home. I’m upstairs in my room solving my math homework. I’m thirsty so I go to the kitchen and get myself a cup of orange juice. She’s watching a cooking channel and he comes out of his study and tells her to shut it off. She does and goes to the kitchen, pours herself a glass of water, drinks it and follows me to my room. I can see it in her eyes that something is broken in her. She spends time with me until I finish my homework. It’s nearly time for dinner and he calls for her to bring dinner. She fixes up something for him that he doesn’t really appreciate so he dumps it in the sink and yells at her. She can’t help but stand and listen to him, her eyes watery. I go to bed early, even though it was a Friday night she tucks me in and closes the door behind her. I can hear him still shouting at her. After that I hear some banging which I think was in the closet, then a bag rolling down the stairs. I hear the front door opening and banging shut, a car engine starts and drives away. I gathered the scenario in my head pretty quickly as if I was expecting it at any second.

He left you both.


I’m sorry Charlie.

At least I get to share it with someone, you know I haven’t really told this story in such detail to anyone before. I think I need to get it out of my chest.

Well, I’m here and I’m listening.

So, she comes to my room with her teary eyes and holds me tight until I break loose and hold her and she just cries. We both fall asleep holding each other and that was the last time I slept in my room. Two days later she receives divorce papers which she signs in a heartbeat. I was a fast learner so by the age of 10 I was sent to this elite boarding secondary school where I was to practically live there until college. Which I did, my dad never paid a visit even though he paid the fees. My mum visited me a couple of times, made sure I settled in perfectly, which I did. I liked a new start, new place and some distractions.

Emma’s arm went numb, she hadn’t realized how long it had supported her head for so she shifts her weight and rests her head on his chest, Charlie taps and fiddles with her hair as he continues.

I finish secondary school. I choose to be in a college far away from home and subject that is most different from my father’s, you see he was a doctor. I chose economics and business. Thought I would never have to meet him, even professionally. Again and as expected he paid my fees which made me think that he doesn’t even care and he’s just paying because of pieces of paper. So far this has been proven true.

You’ve never seen him again?

Not once since I was 9.

Okay… What does this have to do with sleep?

She moves her fingertips over his torso making Charlie shiver.

Remember the last night in my room?


That was the last time I had a good night sleep, that is until recently, with you.

He tightens his grip around her as if he’s hugging her and she does the same.

So I finish college and start working and making my own money. I was done being related to him. I applied to university and didn’t tell him where it was and I managed to pay my own fees this time. However, he somehow figured it out and tried to pay my fees only they were already paid so his money was rejected. He e-mails me and I explain to him, telling him that I’m going to pay back every single dime and that I will take the penthouse that we are now in because it’s close to my work place and to the university. He agrees and tells me that he’s re-married. He wanted to see me but I shut him like a dog. I still don’t want to, there’s just nothing to say. And here we are now.

What about you mum? Where is she now?

She is in Canada, the guy she married was from Montreal and she always had a thing for French accents. She still calls every Christmas to check up on me. I do it randomly, just call her someday when I’m on my way home from work or something.

Did she have any kids?

No, she couldn’t bring herself to replace me. She takes care of her husband’s daughter though, I think that girl brings out a charm in her. It made me think that she might have wanted a girl but for sure my father wouldn’t agree, enough spending money and wasting time is what her would say to justify his rejection. I went to Canada to visit her once, she was happy with that girl. I was relieved to see her warm smile again. She assured me that I never have to worry about her again.

I’m glad this ended well for someone at least.

Yeah, but not just her. I turned out to be fine too right?

Charlie says with a bitter chuckle.

Well, yes. It made you a fighter and a complete cookie at the same time.

Emma answers while smiling at him and Charlie smiles back at her.

But I can imagine why it damaged you. But Charlie, you were strong enough to break out of it and the biggest proof is the ring on my finger. Remember the night you proposed and I said I’m proud of you only I didn’t know why? Well, I am very, very proud of you my love. Truly and endlessly proud of you.

Emma nods her head in assurance and Charlie’s eyes water. Emma kisses him softly as if she’s removing every agonizing memory of his parents off his head and Charlie completely surrenders his mind until he can’t think about anything else.

They doze off in each other’s arms on the big bed covered with silk silver sheets in Charlie’s penthouse. They sleep gracefully on a clear night.

© Copyright 2020 erintouchthesky. All rights reserved.

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