Trendsetter part 3

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Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016



One day Emma woke up with a huge smile on her face. She felt like there is nothing to worry about in the whole world and that everything is beautiful. Charlie had left early for work. She just couldn’t forget about him and he already made her morning special with one thought of him. He reminds her of a song about liberty and made her think f herself on top of a mountain, her hair flying next to her face and she’s spreading her arms in total freedom while she’s smelling the warm dusk air. She had butterflies in her stomach and she couldn’t shake off the feeling that she is deeply and insanely in love with him. She takes a couple of minutes rolling between the sheets they’d slept in the previous night, smelling his scent. They made some effort last night in the sheets and she can smell his sweat, she started thinking where he’d be right now and that reminded her that she needs to get going or else she’ll be late for work. She gets out of bed and gets dressed, she goes to the kitchen and finds a container of salad in the fridge with a note on it “You might be hungry today” while a smiley face. She smiled back at the sticker and packed the container in her bag and got herself an apple to eat while she left the place. She goes for the door and she finds a rose with an envelope, she opens it and she finds the key to his place and a note saying “lock the door behind you, will you?” this time followed by a grinning face. She let out a little laugh. She took the rose and put it in her hair and locked the door behind her. She went for the phone to see how he is doing so she called him.

“Hello sunshine”

“Hey love”

“Did you get my note?”

“Which one?”

“Oh so you got them all then”


She says while laughing

“Hell of a way to move in”

“It should’ve come a long time ago but I’m sorry I’ve been busy to go to midtown, you know every other night I had to be at someone’s place or someone had to be in my place”

“Yeah I know the feeling”

They both laugh

“I have an idea for a little adventure tonight”

“Sure? It’s a work night, I was thinking we just cuddle up and watch a film”

“No this is going to be fun, I need you to feel what I felt this morning”

“Which was?”

“Well now you are interested, I’ll meet you after work”

“Ahhhh now you’re teasing me, okay text me the address”

“Will do, but we need to be there before sundown”

“Ok I’ll be quick”

“See you”


Emma wanted to surprise Charlie with something before she takes him to the hills, but she only had two and a half hours before dusk so she had to be quick. She ordered them lunch on the go and they ate it in the taxi on their way. Charlie was puzzled

“What were we doing going to the outskirts of the city and how will we be back!”

“Stop fidgeting, I have it under control, we’ll be back before bedtime”

“It’s just weird, I don’t this a lot”

“I know, but why can’t we, plus I need to show you something, trust me.”


Charlie and Emma meet after he gets off work at a café they’ve never been to before, they have lunch and a nice cup of tea. They leave the place after an hour, Charlie following Emma’s lead as she hails a cab and tells the cabbie their destination and Charlie is puzzled.

“Don’t worry, I promised you we’d be home in time for work tomorrow, I hope you don’t mind going without sleep”

“I’ll decide after we have our night adventure”

He says smiling at her, as if he’s putting his life in her hands and she can see the trust he’s put into her and she appreciates it so much it gives her more adrenaline. He can see her eyes glee and shiny. He likes seeing her so happy maybe because she doesn’t show it more often, he appreciates her joy. An hour passes until they reach their destination. Emma orders the cabbie to come back for them an hour past dawn.

“Ok, we are at a mountain!”

“Yeah, we are going to climb it, we missed dusk but we are here to watch the dawn. I brought everything we could need, don’t worry”

“Well, as long as I have you I think I don’t need anything else.”

He says diving to put his arm around her waist

“Shall we, miss?”

“Let’s go”

She says with a smile.

In a couple of hours, they reach the top, it is roughly 8 p.m. now. They can see the city light from one side and if they turn their back to it they can see the sea and the tip of the horizon from which the light disappeared.

“Why are we doing this?”

“I wanted to tell you something and show you another.”

“Ok, I’m listening”

“Where to start! Well, when I was 12 I started thinking how edgy everything is in the world around me. I started having preferences in things and people and I always had to judge stuff in my own benefit that I became the person I most despised, people with malicious intent only for the benefits of themselves. By the time I was 17 I started rethinking this life strategy, how one action can haunt you for the rest of your life, how a grammar mistake could haunt me for weeks. I still revisit these little events, accidents whatever. I just knew started knowing that I must be professional in this lifetime so I can pass it graciously. I never knew how is my personality shaped. I still don’t. When someone asks me how do I describe my personality I don’t know how to answer, I have to think hard at it and avoid being pretentious and try not to fake any info because I’ve been taught repeatedly that if I say one wrong trait I immediately get tested in it and fail miserably. I was a part of university events but never got along with anyone because of how shy I was even though I was dying to participate in anything at all. I made good choices but I never followed them through, I wish I had lived my life a little in those events.”

“You say you wanted to live your life, you might have but you were numb”

“Exactly, that’s the perfect word for it, like I was high on the feeling of being emotionless but when the thing ends I’m a bursting bubble of emotion. People could be well over it and I’m still sulking in a corner. Maybe they were good choices at the beginning but I never completed a good thing”

“Well, we are here, now”

“You might be the only thing that is still going good, but that is the thing, I’m scared that at any moment all of this goes up in smoke”

“Not for now, enjoy this with me, we are here, now. Look at this place, its magical. I wouldn’t have been here without you and I wouldn’t have been engaged without you. You have to understand that you are the cause of change in some people even if you don’t notice it. You are already causing difference whether you like it or not.”

“Here’s the thing, I have been trying desperately to do this, maybe it’s a slow improvement and that’s why I can’t see the results. Back to the story, when I was in university I started seeing my parents less because I went in too early and came home late and had assignments and slept early for the next day and all around the week. I started noticing some resentment between my family members, even my external relatives. I was very close with my mother but there are a lot of decisions she had made that I would totally disagree with, I promised myself I would never be like her, every day I try to measure my actions against her and judge if she would have done the same thing and resent myself if our actions match.”

“And I thought you didn’t have family issues”

“I thought so too, but the thing is, I will never not love my parents or my family. It’s something you don’t have a choice in choosing so you try to make it work. That was my moto when it came to family. I was always the naïve one that made excuses for everyone and think of how stupid I was when I knew I was wrong or get disappointed by their actions. I always thought that adults who have seen it all get a little bit wrapped up in their own state of mind and have this set of rules that disfigures other rules. Kind of like something I learned in literature class, Marxist beliefs. That the world follows a set of rules that are only the truth and any other feelings are invalid. It makes a cold world and that is what I had inside of me since I was 17. In addition to that, like any other teenager I had my fair share of suicidal thoughts repeatedly. I was totally, as you said, NUMB.”

Charlie is staring at Emma thinking of how a beautiful person can think all these horrid thought yet still make it through all these years.

“I admire your patience that lead you to me through all these years. We both had difficulties in our lives now we are here to fix each other. Let’s fix us”

She smiles.

“I think it’s the appropriate thing we can do for a while before we’re stuck with each other”

“What are you talking about! You are stuck with me until I fix you.”

She hugs him and he hugs her back tightly.

“Why are we waiting until sunrise?”

“We are waiting until sunrise because I want to show you how you feel to me, I don’t know if you’ll get the feeling I get but at least you might have a faint idea of how you feel to me in the morning when I think of you and you just light up my day.”

“Ok, I’m sold.”

They spend the night holding each other and cuddling at times, finally they get tired of lying down and decide to go on for a little walk, they get back after their walk and sleep for a couple of hours. Emma wakes up right before sunrise.

“Charlie, wake up love, It’d be a shame to miss this particular sunrise.”

“I will if you do something”

“What is it?”

“Give me a kiss”

She giggles and gives him a long kiss as she puts her arms around his back and lifts him up into a standing position and sits in his lap. He gets to his feet lifting her up with his body as if he’s holding her like a baby and she twirls her legs behind his bag so as to hold herself and they watch the first light and the rising of the sun into the horizon.”

“I can feel it, because you make me feel the same.”

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