A Million Other Songs

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Written on Friday the 13th (July 2012) by ERMO.

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



There are a million songs,

a million lyrics,

a million notes

that describe how I feel for you.

And yet,

not one of those

millions of songs,

millions of lyrics,

or millions of notes

describe how I feel for you.

Not like my heart.

It beats only for you-

for you and everything

that I love about you.

I love all the little things-

the way you tap your feet when your nerves take over,

the way your hands animate whatever you say,

the way you hold the door open just because you can,

the way you never want to put a book down,

the way you cling to every word that is said,

the way you look at my lips when you lean in for a kiss,

the way your accent prevents your mouth from forming "T",

the way you run your hands along my back,

the way you doubledogdare my fears away,

the way you defend your favorite super hero,

the way you loop your fingers around mine.

There are so many things,

I might never stop listing them.

I could never count to a million.

But I could count a million things

I love about you.


I said it.

I love you.

Now that I've said it once,

I'll have to say it a million times.

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