Promise Me Something

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Written Friday 8/31/2012 by ERMO.

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012



Promise me that you love me

and that you'll never let me go.

Promise me that if I die,

you'll place a letter in my hands

before I'm lowered in the ground

so that when I reach my destination,

where ever that may be,

I'll be able to read just how much you

loved me.

Promise me that before we marry,

you'll get my father's permission,

so I'll know I can say yes.

Promise me that you'll always tell the truth,

whether it's something as stupid

as "Do these pants make my butt look big?"

or something as profound

as "Do you believe in souls?"

Promise me that when we stand at the alter,

you will look directly into my eyes

and know that this is no mistake.

Promise me that when we have a child,

you will hold my hand

no matter how much I scream and cry.

Promise me that we will grow old together.

Promise me that you will always stay true.

Promise me that we will never be a cliche,

we will always buy tulips instead of roses,

we will always ballroom dance to loud music,

we will always have dessert before dinner.

Promise me that you can love me with everything that you have.

And most importantly,

if fate and destiny decide to have

Cupid strike another,

and we don't end up together,

Promise me

that you will never forget me,

because I promise you

all this and more.

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