Write My Heart

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Written 8/7/2012 by ERMO.

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012



He said he was a writer.

Short stories.

Stories of love.

Forgotten love, true love, first love, gone forever love.

He said the sweetest things.

She tried to forget them.

"There is no writer in him" she claimed.

He was too afraid to let others see

his work.

She wanted to see a writer.

But the writer was never there.

She dared him.

To write a poem,

her forte.

A poem of love.

A poem of intense and unforgetable love.

A poem of a love so powerful that it consumed all.

A poem of undescribable love.

He sat for hours,

scribbling and eraseing away.

Trying to condense his stories into only a page.

Papers crumpled and thrown.

The words were all wrong.

And yet

she stood there and watched.

Trying desperately

to see the writer.

And yet,

she only saw a boy.

A boy who had yet to know who he was.



he stood

and handed

her a folded

up paper

and then

he walked


Piece by piece,

she pulled back the folded corners.


written in a neat scrawl,

were six words.

"I'd write my heart for you."

She looked back at him.

And instead of seeing the writer,

she saw how

his eyes always shone with affection,

his feet always pointed to her,

he always tried to make her laugh.

She finally saw in him what she so longed to see.

Not a writer,

but a person

she loved.

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