Suicidal Sally

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16 year old Sally Dravosburg was the only child of her Mother, Alice Petterson-Dravosburg, who was messed up due too a horrible marriage. And her horrid Father, Dave Dravosburg.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



Sally's POV.. ********************************* It was around 1:30 A.M., Saturday, September 19, 2010 when my Father decided to come into my bedroom. I just turned 16 three days ago, which is also the same day my Father decided to rape me... repeatedly. My lifes never been perfect really. Sure I was built like a 5' 7\" model, rich, and a beautifully-tanned brunette with dashing green eyes, but under the surface, I was as fucked up as they got. My Father was a very famous man in our small-town of Devlin, Ohio. He was the best surgeon in the state, and everyone loved him. Except me. He's always been a creep, and beat on my Mother so bad that it got to the point where she was told she couldn't concieve anymore children. That got my Father even angrier, because he always wanted a boy. I was popular at school obviously, but fuck those kids. They only wanted to be my friends because of my status. I've never had a best-friend, someone to talk to, which is why I secretly cut myself. I keep everything bottled-up inside, because I have no one... \"Baby-girl are you awake?\", says Dave, as he closes and locks my bedroom door. I don't answer him because what's the point, if I scream, who'll hear me? Mom couldn't give a rats-ass, the fucked-up, gold-digger she was. So afraid to leave this bastard, she is. \"Did you enjoy having Daddy's big cock inside your virgin pussy?\", says my Father. \"No\", I say, and give a soft sigh. \"Well, I loved being your first, darling.\" \"You raped me, you stupid son-of-a-bitch!\", I reply harshly. He rolls me onto my back, while straddling my small body beneath his 6' 3\", and 210 lb body of pure muscle. I heard the slap to my left cheek, before I felt it. And fuck did it hurt like hell! \"Don't speak to me like that you little whore!\" \"Please\", I begged, \"let me go Dad, please!\" \"Your mine, I can do to you whatever I want. And what I want is for you to shut the fuck up, and get undressed.\" \"I'de rather die than have you invading me again.\" He chuckles, then stands next to the bed. I watch him for a sec., then dash to my door. He pulls me by my hair, so that I'm lying on my carpeted floor. Then he's pulling, and tearing at my pajamas and underwear. \"Don't do this\" I beg, but to no avail. Dad is now completely naked, pinning my arms above my head by the wrists. As I'm squirming underneath him, he thrusts deep into the heart of me. \"Your soooo fucking tight\", he whispers to me. \"HEEELLLPPP!\", I screech. \"You think that white trash mother of yours is going to come save you?!\" He chuckles, and then pull out, just to smash back inside of me. \"That bitch is tied up on our bed, you should see how desperate is for me, Sally. She's jealous that it's you I want, and not her old ass.\" I groan, \"Daddy, it hurts. Please stop hurting me!\" \"I'm sorry baby, I'm almost done.\" It feels like he's been inside of me forever. He picks up his pace, going faster and faster, and then he stays still for a full minute as his hot cum shoots inside of me. \"Your such a great kid Sally, I love You\", he tells me as he dresses and leaves my room. That was the night I lost myself to pain, and darkness. He raped me about every night during that two-month expanse. In November, I knew I was pregant, and I felt myself being paralyzed. After school, I went straight home, and prepared my departure from this planet. I wrote a good-bye letter, grapped rope from my garage, and went to my room. I knotted the rope around my plant hook in the ceiling, which was a few feet from my bed. Next, I knotted the rope, stood on my bed, put it around my kneck, and my last thought before I fell was... \"Wont Daddy get a nice surprise tonight!\"

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