The legalisation of cannabis

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This is just something I feel really strongly about, I used to think that drug use was a 'cool thing to do' but it's far from it, it destroys lives and morphs the people you love into a something you hate.

Submitted: December 14, 2012

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Submitted: December 14, 2012



Royal Britannia, the country so magnificent theycall it royal! How is it that we seem to be finding ourselves at such a barricade with politicians discussing the legalisation of toxic, life destroying drugs? Although cannabis seems like 'the little one that doesn't do much harm', it is, in fact the worst of all harmful intoxicants! It is the drug that everyone knows, we've either seen it, smelt it, heard about it or tried it and in most communities there's someone renowned for either selling the stuff or someone renowned for being a train wreck result of the stuff.

I'll admit, it is a strenuous life where we are born into the world as innocent little bundles of joy who are given no choice but to reform into this society. We forget, but we too are animals who need food, water, shelter and sleep, not a stress filled life where we are forced to study our childhood away in order to work day and night to receive a tiny wage packet that can buy us some tasteless mass produced food frozen in plastic and packed with chemical preservatives. Maybe some of us long for an open life, where we are free to roam, to hunt, to build our own shelter on any land without the need for money. The truth is,however,that in most cases that's just not possible, but it does not end there! We are beings built for survival, that being said we all need to ensure that we are mentally stable in order to attain our maximum survival potential.

Cannabis holds far too much blame for mental dysfunction to ever be enabled legalisation! I have witnessed so many fall to the use of this evil substance that is mass produced andjam packed with harmfulchemicals, plastic and everything unnatural, becoming so deranged that they may never return to reality! It is outrageous that nothing is being done to help them, but legalisation is by no means helpful. Currently, shops are permitted to advertise and sell bongs, grinders and all of the equipment that is used only for drugs which just entices an addict further, enhancing their will to use and abuse cannabis. The use of any drugs should not be jazzed up, but infact condemned and not accepted! I find it hilarious that the government permits the selling of seeds but not the planting, what do they think someone wants to do with the seeds, place them on their mantelpiece or use them as a garnish? For heavens sake!

The only way forward is to make selling absolutely everything associated with drug use illegal and to not permit the selling of any seeds or growing products!That way, it will entice less addicts, and yes by all means provide support for anyone found in possession but arrest or fine them aswell! Cannabis nearly destroyed my life and almost ruined my stable mentality, I do not want this to happen to anyone else!

Am I insane or is the government a shambles, what does everyone else think?

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