Heart Broke

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A guy is heartbroke because he is just trying to show how much he loves this girl but she doesn't see it.

Submitted: January 17, 2010

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Submitted: January 17, 2010



Heart Broke
Play with my head in every way,
What to do and what to say,
Is where I get all things wrong,
That’s why wrote this song.

And all the things that I feel,
Are so great they don’t seem reall,
And it’s you that I want,
Feeling so lost like you’re gone.

And now I’m trying to relate,
Why is it I feel so hated?
All I know is I need you there,
For when I’m lonely and when I’m afraid.

And I'm trying to break free,
From my own reality,
Now all I know,
And all I see,
Is that person I wish to be.

And now I'm trying,
I think I'm failing,
Why is it that I'm wrong?
Why can’t we just get along?

All I know is all I see,
I think that’s what’s wrong with me,
And if I change, will you care?
‘Cause if you don’t, I won’t dare.

And I can feel, it’s not right,
But I won’t leave without a fight,
‘Cause I think you’ll give in,
Showing love you held within.

And then we’ll go someplace,
Where to I don’t know,
As long as you are there,
Where I go, I don’t care.

Now I know this will not be,
Because this is my reality,
I'm so lost,
And I’m so scared,
That I am nothing when you’re not there,
So I'm not trying,
I am doing,
I can’t seem to get it through my head,
That somewhere out there,
There is someone,
That will feel the same of me…

If only it was you,
And it’s not your fault,
For now I see,
I’m the cause of my own misery.

I am my own misery.

© Copyright 2018 Eryk Chamberlin. All rights reserved.

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