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My story, is about a popular girl. because most stories are based on the non pops. but what happens when you flip flop that?

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012




I slam my locker door shut. Here, at Wood Field Middle School, you have to be perfect. Or else. Well, that is not a problem for me, Lexi Floorings, the most popular girl in school. Of course, I have my crew. They are the wanna be’s I call my friends. At the girls yearn to be me. All the boys drool over me. Of course, I WILL use that to my advantage. I walk through school with my perfectly straight flouncy hair, flows from side to side like a wave pool splashing at all sides, but in the end, it comes out perfectly smooth. My hair is amazing. I have to admit! My long, partly muscular, skinny, tan legs are perfect from all the years of sand volleyball, and cheerleading. My skin, without a blemish, is as soft as a newborn’s hand. My clothes, of my clothes! I have to many I’m telling you, but I just can’t stop buying them! This morning I threw on a Abercrombie ruffle crop top, and some Hollister short shorts. I have has so many girls tell my how they wish they could have my shape. But I have to admit. They are right. My boobs are just perfect! Not in the growing stage, but they aren’t saggy like most the girls in my grade. However, my butt is my most attractive feature, apart from my crystal blue eyes…  My butt is firm, round, and so many guys just drool over it! Let’s face it. I’m perfect! I giggle at the thought as I walk to my 2nd period class. Social Studies. I hurry as fast as I can. The only reason, is Drew… he is thought to be perfect at our school. With his spiked dark brown hair… and his sea blue eyes. I just want to melt in his arms. But there is one problem, his girlfriend. They have been dating for several months now, and all I want to do is kiss those perfect soft lips. I walk into the classroom and spot him. I go by Drew slowly so he can smell my Victoria’s Secret perfume, and sit right next to him. I stand up and stretch revealing my perfectly shaped stomach. Of course he just looks away. The one guy I want, is the only guy who doesn’t like me. Like is so hard! I lean over revealing my cleavage line and ask him for help on our Spanish homework.

“Go ask Riley.” Drew says as he points in the direction to the right of him. Perfect!

I turn around and bend at the waist so my butt is right in front of his face as I ask Riley about the homework. Of course Riley, who is falling for me, give me his homework and all I have to do is write my name on it. He takes , mine and rewrites his answers. Less work for me, the better! I smile at him with my breathtaking dimples and tell him thank you. I turn around and smirk at Drew. He looks like he wants to barf from me put my butt in his face. Ugh. That kid is harder to please than anybody I have ever met.


After school I spot drew and pull him over to the side. I slip him into to girls bathroom without any teachers seeing.

“Drew…” I say.

“Uhm… Lexi, I don’t think…” Drew tried to finish.

“Shh. Silly boy… don’t talk!” I slip off my to reveal just my bra, a push up.

I start to kiss him and slide my hands up and down his back, but you can feel him push away.

"Stop! Now!" He pushes away and leaves. 

"Drew...!" I call after him. But no answer.


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