Stranger things I've seen

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Vivian doesn't know who she was before she was found almost dead by the river years ago, all her life, she's been living a peacefull life with her best friend Connor, whom she owes her life, but then their world is shatered by a flood and they have to move to the heart of Seattle, there Vivian starts meeting people, strange people who look at her as tough she where someone else, as tough she where supposed to know who they are. all Vivian ever wanted was to be left alone and to feel safe like before, but that hope goes out the window once Connor befriends Hayden, the dark and dangerous guy in school, not only that, but he brings Hayden into their house, into Vivian's life, Vivian knows she should run, something isn't right, she just wants her safety back. But Hayden doesn't seem to be willing to leave Vivian's life, so that's why safety got clunked out the window. now Vivian must figure out who she is, who she was and keep her visions from harming people around her, all while making sure that guy Hayden doesn't get too close, mystery has plagued her all her life, now it's time to face it like she feared.
for nanowrimo I hope..

Submitted: November 16, 2012

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Submitted: November 16, 2012




the tale of the boy who lived beside the pier and the girl who came from the river.

Once upon a time there lived a boy who was left alone by his family, in a big house filled with dusty trinkets, he was strong and kind, he never resented his misfortunes and everybody in town loved him, because even when he had money and could afford to be proud, he never was, he was humble and sweet, a golden boy in a town that glowed under the sun.

but the boy's house was lonely, and even the boy who lived in the house felt lonely sometimes, the sun would shine and the boy wouls smile, people would come, people would go, yet something was always off.
 then one day, something changed, people say it was the first time a cloud ever blew itself over the town that glowed under the sun, others say that the water by the river simply decided it was time, some simply think what happened was a gift, a tribute from the river to the boy who lived in the house by the pier, all everybody knew was that, that day, the day the first could of winter blew itself over the town that glowed under the sun, on the boy's fifteenth year, a young girl drifted from the lake, soaked and cold, blue and purple, with brown matted hair and a flowing blue dress that shimmered as the water held her prsioner in it's floating grace, beautiful and eerie, like a water godess under the clear blue waters, she looked so young, peacefull, as if she where sleeping, and on that faitfull day, the boy who lived in the house by the lake, saw her wash into the banks of the river.

people thought she was dead, the boy knew she was not, they saw her lips turn purple, he saw her heart beat red hues. so the boy who lived in the house by the lake rescued the girl who drifted from it, he carried her in his arms and took her home, called a doctor and nursed her back to life, yes the boy was kind, and corageous, he was everything the girl would need and whoever had her fate in it's hands, knew it was so.

she was asleep for seven days, others thought she would never wake, let the dead girl be, they said to the boy who lived in the house by the lake, but he did not want to give up, he felt it in his heart, he wanted the girl who drifted from the river to wake up, so he tried, and hoped, untill finally, she opened her eyes.

yet awake the girl wasn't any less the mystery she had been when she was sleeping, the girl who drifted from the river was nameless, she awoke with no memory in her head or knoledge of people in her heart, with her brown eyes wide and scared the girl looked at the boy who lived in the house by the river for answers, she knew not her name or age, people didn't know her, and she didn't seem to know anything about people, she seemed to be hoping he would know, scared and innocent, her life was a mystery, her face and place, something untraceable, she might as well have been born out of the river that brought her.

so the boy took her in, that unknown girl with frightened eyes the color of dark honey, who drifted from the lake into his pier, he gave her a name, talked to her and offered what nobody else had been willing to offer since she had woken, a haven, somewhere she would be safe, and she took it, never once looking back.

the years passed and the boy and the girl learned to live together in the big house by the pier, she learned to make memories, and regain knoledge she didn't know she had, like reading and writing, she went to school and graduated, so did her friend, the boy who lived in the house by the pier, he learned to drive and cook, study and work, eventually, he too was able to understand every aspect of the girl who once drifted from the river. he learned to protect her and care for her, always sheltering her from the world the most he could, and she in turn, took care of him, knew him, and never left him.

The girl who once drifted from the river had a gift, a beautiful and dangerous gift, a gift she'd had since she woke from her watery slumber, a gift from the fates, a gift of light, yet her gift, as beautiful and good as it was, often confused her, and left her head wandering in odd places, people in school often thought she was strange, and for a girl who was gifted with the ability to dream things before they happened, she was actually very odd.
the boy who lived in the house by the pier never payed her strangeness any mind, he knew she was kind, smart and good hearted, her gift was precious, good in so many ways, but that it could turn into a curse if not used wisely, so he let her be, in her own world, trusting her to trust him with her thoughts when the time was right.

and they could have continued that way, living blissfully in the town that glowed under the sun, had it not been for the river, who in a fit of rage, overflowed it's banks and flodded the town that glwoed under the sun with it's ugly fury, leaving the girl who drifted from the river and the boy who lived in the house by the pier, no choice but to move to another place.
to a house that was not in a town that glowed under the sun. a house that was far away, in the heart of a big noisy city, where the sounds overwhelmed the rooms and the lights where less bright when the sun shone, a rainy big city, a city where the girl who drifted from the river would meet her destiny.

-Taken from Vivian's book of truths-


I am told that Connor found me floating in a large wooden slab down at the pier, that I was almost dead from hypothermia, and that it took days for me to wake, they tell me I was lucky, that it was raining, that my fingers where purple and my lips a cold blue, if it hadn't been for him, I never would have woken.

but I don't remember any of that, I remember being cold,I remember feeling hopefull, feeling free, I don't remember dying, I don't remember where I came from, or my age, My first memory is of Connor's face, sick with worry staring at me in the riverbanks, then Connor again, sitting beside me, smiling only to frown when I asked him who I was, as if he knew me, as if I wasn't just some strager who drifted almost dead into his life.

Aas if he could tell me anything.

Back then everybody frowned upon him when he had me stay at his house, bedraggled as I was, after all I was a girl almost his age, pretty and with nowhere to go, and he lived alone. Yet for all the gossip, Connor never was anything but kind to me, he fed me, coaxed me into remembering to do the basics, held my hand on my visits to the doctor and later when it proved that my lack of memory was permanent, that nobody knew who I was.

He took me in.

Connor named me Vivian, after the lady of the lake, or that's what he often tells me when I ask, since he did find me in the lake, I always have wondered, why my name is not Elaine, instead of Vivian, after all wasn't Elaine the name of the lady of Shalott, the woman who died of hearbreak floating in a river?, but I suppose Connor didn't think I had the face of a Elaine...or the face of someone heartbroken.

I was fourteen when Connor found me, ever since, I've lived in his house, the big one by the lake, he was sixteen back then, the town's people moved alot between now and then, Taylorsville went from town to city in months, and by the time the flood came around, only a handfull of people remebered where Vivian Morgan came from, let alone lived, but it's okay, I liked to stay hidden, or so to say, unlike Connor who lived in the spotlight, going around, saving damsels in distress, while I drifted like the lily maid, after all, coming from a lake turned out not to be the only thing I had in common with my namesake, which is why I want to tell you my story.

My Name is Vivian Morgan, I can see the future, this, is where my story begins.

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