Amelia Edith Herrera

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Our relationship in some stanzas

Submitted: November 25, 2012

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Submitted: November 25, 2012



Australia is not
The place to live,
If oneis afraid of snakes
That lurk
With venom glands
Evolved to kill.

But I learned about evolution
And good ol' Charles Darwin
(who sailed on the S.S. Beagle
and never got lost)
From a crazy old bat
With wavy red hair
And a few extra pounds
In the middle.

From snakes
Who slither
Around on their bellies
To the sharks
Who kill
With their teeth,
I wonder
If my sister's teeth
Are as dangerous as
The Great White's,
Sharpened by her cutting words.

And do I fear her
Like the young child
From India
Fears the dark King Cobra
Who stands tall and proud,
His black Crown glinting in the sun?

But I shake my head
And close my eyes
To feel the gentle rocking
Of my couch.
Remember that one time
We smoked our cigarettes
Underneath a thick layer of misery;
When it was just us against it all?

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