Valentine's Day.

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My current feelings on this lovely holiday

Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013



Valentine's Day
tastes like
sugarless chocolates
and alcoholic kisses
filled with
nothing but lust
and empty promises.

I was lying in the grass
with a Marlboro Red,
smoking little X's and O's,
and watching as little Cupid
(that fucking bastard)
flew over me
and shoot heart-shaped arrows
at all the starry-eyed lovers.

(what a ghastly
scar that will leave!)

I made you
a Valentine's Day Card
though . . . 
just a generic
"I love you"
and a Hershey Kiss
that says everything
I refuse to.

(I know you'd prefer
some vodka and condoms, my dear,
and I'm terribly sorry
that I don't have anything else
to give)

It's not that I'm bitter,
it's just that
I've never quite liked
sugarless treats
and alcohol
tends to make me vomit

(and no amount of
sparkling glue, red construction paper, and double-sided tape
can hold this heart together)

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