Can't stop time!

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Stop! I hate time, but I also...

Submitted: May 25, 2010

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Submitted: May 25, 2010



"How did I do this project wrong?"
"Just do it all over again," said the worst teacher in the world. That's what I hated, I worked extremely hard on something and 'some people' don't appreciate what I do.  You may spend hours, days, and maybe even months on something that is just suppose to be in the trash. I get so furious at teachers when they do that.
When that happens I become unaware of what the consequences are for talking back to a teacher. I just get mad at myself and get grouchy for the rest of the day. I always try my best, but teachers want everything to be past perfect. 'Is this correct? Did you follow the rules?' I have no one to blame, but time.
Time is what I blame. I always tell myself 'curse you time' and can't blame my teachers. So, that is why I blame time. In my opinion the day is way too short. Twenty hours should at least be duplicated. I don't know as long as the day is longer. You are probably wondering why, but the explanation is simple. You will always need time.
For instance, time to complete a project that students work so hard on and teachers just tear your work apart. Also, when you have an appointment, you may be late, but maybe a longer day will do the trick. You will probably be able to extend your personal to-do list. That way people won't always have to be in such a rush.
I just want the world to stop rotating, time to stop ticking, and people to stop talking. I want is a moment of silence. I just want to take a deep breath and stare upward in space. I want to lay on a bed and fall to sleep, eternal sleep. I just can't it much longer; life is hard.
It is crystal clear that life is absolutely positively difficult. Something will always happen that will wreck the rest of your day such as being fired from your job and even getting a bad grade on a test, but after that storm clears out your find something that is extraordinary, but remember it's time that caused this. Good news is what you will find.
So, I may hate time, but I have also learned to love it!

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