Worst day ever.... Best Day ever.... April Fool's Day!

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Find out what makes this girl's day so perfect and so awful!

Submitted: April 02, 2010

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Submitted: April 02, 2010



The alarm sounded and I pulled the covers off my head. It was time for school and it was April Fool's day. I got dressed and ate breakfast like any other day. From there I walked to school. As I walked to school I encountered Jake who was my biggest crush. He had the sweetest smile you can ever imagine. Anyway, he and I started talking. We talked about many things. At the end of this conversation he hugged me and my heart seemed to jump out of it's place. I just blushed and he walked away because he wanted to catch up with his friends. I then walked to school boldly for now I was a woman. My life was now complete with him in it.

I finally reached school after that walk. As I walked to my classroom everybody laughed at me. I just thought that they were laughing at something that wasn't me. That's when my friend Katherine approached and whispered into my ear that I had a sign on my back that read kick me. How dare he? Jake had put that sign there. Oh, I was going to give him a piece of my mind now. I stomped over to where he was at and when I was ready to give him a piece of my mind the bell rang. First, I went to Mr. Waddle's class. He was a extremely jumpy teacher. He gave us an assignment to work on and when he reached for his coffee. He drank a big gulp and spit it all in my direction. All the students screamed out April Fool's, but I didn't. After everybody screamed that out they started to laugh at me. Figures! Another prank, but I was pretty sure Mr. Waddle didn't mean it. Or did he? 

After several classes we went to lunch. There stood Jake in the most innocent way with his dreamy eyes and... What was I saying? He was asking the lunch lady for more meat in his plate. "You want meat I have some right here," I screamed while I waved my fist in the air. He dropped his plate and ran to the courtyard. I sprinted and soon reached him. He was breathing heavily.

"I'm so sorry," he began.

"You better be because now everybody is going to laugh at me! I'll be known as queen of losers."

"More like queen of loserville." I threw a sharp look at him and he raised both of his hands to show that he was innocent.

"Maybe I can fix that with a kiss." He inclined towards me and kissed me.

"Whoa!" Now I can call myself a woman. I kissed a cute boy in class. Oh my god that's like the best thing that's ever happened to me. Then the rest of the day continued and during chemistry we were working with water. Guess what happened? Water fell on my pants and it looked like if I had pissed in them. This couldn't be the worst day of my life, nor the best, but I think I can it April Fool's Day!

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