One last letter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's my second short story, romance. The story of two teenagers ready to give their life for each other.

Submitted: August 03, 2009

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Submitted: August 03, 2009



Kathleen was depressed. Normally, after her courses she would come home happy, with her boyfriend Josh. She was a nineteen, bright, soon-to-be doctor. She had been in love with Josh since she was fifteen, and Josh fell in love with her a year later, when they were sixteen. They were the type of couple that people would be sure they were perfect, and would be married at twenty. Kathleen loved immensly Josh. She was the most loyal girlfriend a guy could ever ask for. With her long, brown wavy hair and tanned skin, everybody fell for her when they looked straight into her aquamarine lovely eyes. Josh was a bit taller than her. Blonde hair, pale skinned with olive green eyes always smiling and ready to comfort anybody that was feeling unhappy and sad.

Once, Kathleen and Josh would go out nearly every evening. They would laugh together, sing, dance, eat..everything. She would hug him and in return, he would kiss her and she would blush, even after three years together. Posh people envied them, and thirteen year olds would dream themselves instead of Kathleen and Josh. They were happy and perfect together, until one day, trouble came.

Kathleen decided to go shopping one bright Saturday. After she bought some new clothes, she decided to go and have a drink from the kiosk that was in a garden five minutes away from her favourite mall. After buying a vanille milkshake, she decided to go and sit on a bench, and enjoy the warm winter Saturday. After taking a few sips, she looked around her, looking for some of her friends that may be hanging out in the garden at that time. But to her horror, she saw Josh, sitting with another girl on a bench. Earlier that day, he texted her that he had to meet someone from his family, but obviously, Kathleen knew that girl wasn't from his family, since she knew every member well, being that her best friend was Josh's cousin. Tears filled her eyes as she saw Josh hugging the girl beside his, and stroking her hair. She got up the bench, and soon after Josh saw her. He got up as well, and started running after her.

"Wait! Kathleen this isn't what you think! Please let me explain!" He yelled, but she just threw the milkshake on the ground and ran home.

For two weeks she locked herself up in her room, and she only got out for her courses and to eat. Her parents knew that something was wrong with her and Josh, and her mother tried to bring up conversations, but it was all in vain. How could he do this to her? After all they've been through? How could he just cheat on her like that? She loved him so much, she coudn't believe what she actually saw. He sent her emails everyday, but she would just delete them before even opening them. He texted her, phoned her, everything, but she didn't answer.

On the beginning of the third week, Josh's mother came to Kathleen's house. Kathleen was in her room, so she didn't hear the conversation.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Smith to hear about that. I'll try to talk to Kathleen as soon as possible." Mrs. Miller, Kathleen's mother was heard saying.

About half an hour later, she went up and knocked on Kathleen's room. "Kath, hunny, I need to talk to you." She said slowly. Kathleen unlocked her door, and her mother came in. She sat beside Kathleen, on her bed.

"Josh is at the hospital. The doctors discovered that he has a very rare virus, and he's close to death. He told his mother that he wants to talk to you, but you have to hurry, because he is very ill." She explained quielty. Kathleen understood that if she didn't hurry, she would miss him. One hour later she was besides Josh.

"Josh, my love, I'm here. Can you hear me?" She asked, holding his hand. he nodded slowly.

"My love of course I can hear you. Listen, the girl you saw was just my brother's wife. She lost her baby the week before, and I decided to talk to her for a bit. I am sorry for not telling you, but they told me to keep it secret, since they didn't want to tell anybody about it. I am very sorry, I should have told you." He said with a croaked voice. A tear slid down Kathleen's face as she heard this.

"'s okay, I love you Josh, can you hear me? I love you! Now get better soon, and we'll be happy again." She said, but he shook his head.

"I'm dying Kathleen. I'll probably die today. I just wanted to explain everything, to die a happy death. Kathleen, be sure that I'll always love you, and I'll be there for you." He said.

Two letters were found a week later. One from Josh, and the other from Kathleen.

Josh's letter.

To my beloved, Kathleen Miller.

Probably, right now you're crying your eyes out for being so stupid and not letting me explain everything to you. It's okay, after all, everything was explained. I hope that you get past all this fast, and start getting out with your friends and have fun as before. I want you to find a better man than I was, that can explain everything he does, and healthier than me, that can live a happy, long life with you. I apologise for falling sick like this so fast, I know it isn't my fault, but I just feel it was very unfair to you, first, not explaining everything before, and secondly, for dying. It's like I'm causing you pain and all this suffering. If I'm already dead when you're reading this, please don't cry over me, and please don't do anything stupid. Just think about the happy moments we've gone through together. Remember when we were eating an ice cream at the park, and a five year old shoot his ball and ended up on my ice cream, making me spill it all over us two? Yes, we laughed so much that day! I am sure you're laughing right now too, remembering the good times we had. However, I am sure there are better men out there waiting for you, many other good moments that you will go through, even without me. I am scared, right now, not only about my death, but I am scarred for you. I feel so protective of you, you can't imagine how I'm feeling right now that I know I won't see you again. You just don't know how much I'll miss you, even after my death. I'm already missing those lovely moments we had, and even the less happy moments. Please make sure you will always remember me, through happy and sad times, and I promise, that you'll be in my heart, till the last breath I take. I shall still love you, and I promise that I'll be watching over you all the time. Please, just live your life with a better man then I was.

Yours faithfully,


Kathleen's letter.

To my always loved, Josh Smith.

As soon as the doctors told me you'd die, I didn't have anymore words to say, and I didn't have the courage to come and say goodbye, so I wrote this last letter to you, as a goodbye. I hope it is not too late. Please don't be mad at me, but now that I know there's no hope, I don't have anything to live for. There are no men out there better than you are. You''d probably be saying, "No! Don't do anything stupid!" But we both know that I will never get past you. You can't imagine the pain I'm going through, trying to write all my feelings in this letter. I'm imagining us in heaven, together for ever, happily ever after. Knowing death is coming isn't something pleasurable, escpeccialy when it's the death you've chosen. Our hearts are tied together, Josh, never forget that. I am hoping that you'll die a happy death, just like I am about to do, knowing that after our death, I'll be with you forever, and we'll never be apart again. I am sorry for not letting you explain. I know, I was stupid. But I'd be more stupid if I choose to live, so that's why I'm writing you this letter. I know I'm a coward for not telling you these words before you, for not telling you goodbye bye speaking, instead of this letter, and I'm awfully sorry. I'm already missing you; the lovely moments we've gone through, even the sad ones. But I just can't imagine myself loving another man, Josh. I would feel very guilty, and besides, there's no man better than you were. You were the perfect one. Without you, my heart would just break into million pieces, and the pieces will be scattered everywhere, in a manner that they will never get together again. Please, don't be mad at me for killing myself. I love you.

Your love,


Later that day, Josh Smith died in hospital, by a severe rare illness. That same day, Kathleen Miller was found dead in her room, by taking powerfull pills. The two letters were found besides each of them, and unfortunately, neither of them read each other's letter. Their love is described as 'The perfect love; another Romeo and Juliet', and people admire the two of them.

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