Red Streets

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Astra is a girl with a stuck emotions. The gods wont spare the wish she's been granted. When you wish for something. You may not get the right results.

Submitted: June 23, 2013

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Submitted: June 23, 2013



In 1318 b.c.e., there was a thriving city in Greece called, Kavala. Kavala is a city on a hill, looking off into the blue sea, looking right at the sunset. Where nature is all around and a view to die for, it’s like an oasis. And sometimes when the sun hit the sea just right, you can see the coral on the bottom. The coral was a pinkish orange and with the water, it made a bright teal; the light was really something to see. It made everything much clearer, and brighter off of the white stone walls of the cities homes.

But at the time, Kavala was in the midst of war. But this is not a war with some country far off in Europe. They were in war with themselves, which is all going to end in the following week.

Between four families, Dranias’s, Xanthis’s, Philipou’s, and the Alexiou’s; these four families are in war because of the tragic end because of Dranias’s son; Crathis, black hair, black eyes, strong, independent, caring, and as handsome as they come by. But he despises the Xanthis girl with a deep passion.

Alexiou’s boy, Drismas, dark long wavy hair, one brown eye the other is a bright blue, personality of a coward, he was smart, not at all caring, and neither handsome or strong. He has put his family to complete and utter shame. He has a deep love for Astra, for the longest time and would fight for her, and die trying.

 The Philipou’s son, Irus, Irus is a compelled man to have fallen in love with his cousin, but is to be married to the Xanthis girl. He’s never met her, he lives on the other side of town, and he’s poor. But he does not love anyone but his cousin. His heart has tried to bloom for other women, because he knows it’s wrong to love a family member, but his poor heart had given in to the seductive siren. He is strong, passionate, and loving, but wouldn’t fight for anyone but himself.

The Xanthis family has a daughter named Astra, Astra is young, beautiful like Aphrodite and strong like Athena, and she has the voice of the goddesses. She has no love, nor no like, she dreams of perfection, she dreams of true love, a love so strong that the gods couldn’t tear them apart. When she heard she was being forced to marry a man she has never met, she broke down crying. She didn’t know what love was at all, but was being forced to find out by her parents who love each other. She hated it, she wanted a love like theirs, she wanted to love and be loved by someone who obviously loved her too.

Astra wished for love. The gods told her to be careful of what she wished for. They had granted her wish and they watched, as Astra would fall in love with the man that hated her the most.


Astra was in her bed sleeping, the wish was about to occur. The morning sun had just shown, she awoke from her slumber. Groaning, Astra had her maid open the drapes, the room filled with a bright morning light that made her eyes have everything look blurry. But as her eyes got used to the light, her fission cleared, like a camera in focus, Astra stood from her bed, her feet touching the cold stone floors. Astra walked to the bathroom that was just by the south window in her room, she was disrobed when the water that her maid had filled the tub with, cooled down for a moment. She stepped in the pool like bath with water scented and from the sea. Astra had walked fully into the bath, making it go to her neck; she then dipped her head under the water. When she came back up her maid washed her with exotic soaps. Then rinsed her body from the foam, when Astra had stepped out of the bath, she wrapped herself in an Egyptian towel.

“What would you like to wear milady?” The maid asked her with kindness, the maid was from France, trying to get away from her past life. The maid had treated Astra and her family for years, and would never back down now.

“Something blue,” Astra simply said to her, she smiled with love already in her eyes. Once the maid had gotten her a light blue dress, that had silver rings, belt, and neck attachment, there were many layers on the dress, so she still looked modest. Her maid put the rings on her fingers, the rings attached to her dress, as did the neck attachment, and the belt.

When the maid was done with her hair, putting half of it up, Astra had looked like a princess. Fair and prominent, Astra had walked down into the foyer and saw a man there; he greeted her by the name of, Irus Philipou. She smiled towards the young man, fake. But she didn’t want to appear rude. He took her hand lightly and led her to the table. Breakfast was terrible because all everyone would do was grin and smile at them. She had enough.

“I’m going for a walk,” Astra said with an aggravated tone to her voice. She went outside with no shoes on her feet. She walked down to the beach which was almost right outside her door. She took in a deep breath of the clean air that made her lungs fill up with the clean ocean breeze you can never get anywhere else. It’s as if it made all problems leave your mind and make you wonder about the future. Sand that filled her toes with grained silk so soft she buried her feet beneath it.

Astra looked behind her and there he was, Crathis staring her down. But all Astra could do was look at him in admiration. She looked at him like she’s never seen anyone like him before.

“Crathis,” she simply said in a whisper that only she could hear. Crathis raised a brow at the young girl. Confused with the adoring look she was giving him. They hated each other. He didn’t want her to have different look upon him. It all seemed as if she was falling for him. But why, all he did was call her ugly and tone deaf, there was no reason at all why she should love him. None at all and there will ever be any reason for him to love her. She vile, and cruel, she didn’t care about anyone but herself. Or so he thought.

“Why are you looking at me like this?” Crathis asked her with a subtle tone to his voice. He didn’t want to be mad at her now, she looked sad in a way. Confused, and sad, like she didn’t know what she was doing or occurring. He was caring, for any girl. Even though he hated Astra, he didn’t want her to be sad.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to be forced to marry someone else but you. Crathis I think I’m starting to get these feelings for you that even the Gods can’t explain. I don’t know what’s happening. I know I shouldn’t feel like this but I do! And anything else but this feeling feels wrong. . .” Astra said confused, she turned back around, not wanting to feel the pain of loving someone that can never love you back because of the past.

Crathis just walked away, hearing her light sobs. He could tell she doesn’t really want to have those feelings for him. She just does, and it’s hard for her to understand that he can never forgive her for what she’s done to his family. She said it was an accident. But Crathis could never forgive her for it.


Time’s past and she doesn’t want to go back inside to see the face of someone who she’s going to marry. Or the parents that are making her do it. She wants to marry Crathis, but he could never love her. It seemed like this could never get worse than this. Astra heard footsteps behind her she turned around, it had been three hours. She sighed.

“Oh, hi, Irus, I’m sorry I haven’t been around much. I’m just trying to gather my thoughts.” She said softly, turning back around. Seeing his face was like seeing the face of hate. She could tell he didn’t love her either. This is why she was so distraught; it felt as if she could never find true love. Nothing she wanted, nothing in those stories her mum tells her every night.

“Astra, I know you don’t want to do this, get married to me. And believe me; I never wanted to be forced marriage. So I had to turn down your parent’s offer. My family is doing this for them. Not for you. Or me, they want your money, and that’s not something I want. I want you to be happy, and I want me to be happy. You’re a beautiful girl, and I’m sure you’ll make one man very happy.” Irus said and walked up the beach. This wouldn’t be the last time she would see him. Even though Astra wished it was.

Astra had smiled and walked inside her home to see upset parents, they were scared that their daughter will never be wed. And they had that right, they prayed for her happiness. But they were oblivious to actually force her happiness. To find it in a man that found happiness in his cousin.

Later that night there was the heart struck young man Drismas. It was dark, and the moon hit the night like the sun hit day. It made the water look a dark blue and the coral look a black like a deep abyss. Drismas was below Astra’s window. He tried to gather the courage that was always inside him and push himself to say hello to the woman he’s loved for such a time that when he saw her, his eyes would gaze towards her. He even wondered if the Gods were behind his deep affection to a girl he’s only seen around with a smile of the goddesses. He even wondered if she was Aphrodite herself. He was so in love, he would fight for a soul like hers to keep its life. He saw her looking out her window at the sea, making screams to her, as if the waves that moved up the sand were for her. To see her smile that made the stars envious.

Drismas turned away and walked down the street past his home, instead he took a long walk that made him think. And before he knew it, he was confronted by a man, a very odd man, nose crooked and prominent jaw.

“You love the Xanthis girl don’t ya’?” Said the old man with a voice as harsh as an earthquake, Drismas was stunned by his question, he didn’t know what to say to the old man. “Out with it boy!” he demanded an answer from Drismas who was still in shock; he’s never spoken of his love for Astra.

“Y-yes I do in fact love her. She’s as beau-’’ the old man interrupted his serenade about the girl. Drismas started to get aggravated towards the old man with the creaking voice.

“Then you have to kill the Philipou cousin. If you want her love and affection,” the man said and walked away into the dark night until Drismas was unable to see the man.

This got Drismas thinking of a plan, if all he had to do was kill someone for her love and attention, he would do it. And he did. He snuck onto Philipou land and had to find the home where the young cousin had lived. And he did, he took his weapon of choice. An axe, he wanted this cousin to be for sure dead. Because he wanted for sure to be with the Xanthis girl, his heart ached for her every moment. Do you ever feel like you would kill for someone? This is that feeling. And it’s nothing to be stopped. He took the axe and killed her, chopping her head clean off having her blood escape her throat and go onto her bed. He then after left and went back to Astra’s window. She was sleeping. Nothing he could do now. So he went back to his home. Having regrets for killing someone.


The following morning the Philipou family arrived to the Xanthis’s family’s door. When Astra opened the door they just let themselves in. Looking for her parents and once they found them. They slaughtered them. Astra ran outside when she saw the blood ooze from the living quarters. She ran to the beach and ran to Crathis’s home. She asked him to let her in. She had tears in her eyes and sorrows in her heart. He let her inside in a hurry from going down the stairs. She dropped to her knees in front of Crathis. She was broken. She felt as if she didn’t have anyone anymore. Which she didn’t, she had family in Thebes, but she didn’t want to leave. .

“Astra wha-?” Crathis asked her but was interrupted by nearby screams and constant yelling that the Philipou family was on a search for Astra. The family stood on top of their house and held the Philipou’s cousin’s head, blood still dripping. Then Irus’s head severed from his body, he’d killed himself because his love had been murdered by a lovesick boy who would do anything for Astra’s love.

Astra was so distraught. She found herself in ruin. She didn’t want to be here. She looked up to Crathis who looked down to her. He felt the warmth from her eyes. But looked back out the window, he saw they were looking in everyone’s home for search of her. They truly wanted her dead for the loss of their family members. He had to hide her. He took her on the roof which had a little bit of coverage because of the wall around it but it had no roof. She had to stay low.

By the time the Philipou family arrives at the Dranias’s door. Crathis had opened it and the Philipou, like savages, pushed the door fully open, turning every room upside down and inside out looking for the Xanthis girl.

Crathis was getting scared of how far up they were going. They didn’t find the hidden door that went up to the roof. When they left the home, his mother was in a ball curled up. They almost killed her for crying too much. But decided against it since he didn’t have a father or anyone else in the house that is, they left on that note and continues their rampage for her. Crathis ran up to the roof and stood her up.

“They left.” He told her and she nodded. He hugged her tightly. “I’m sorry for what happened to your family.” Crathis said to her and kissed her head lightly. Astra looked up to Crathis then she kissed him quickly before she heard a large bang at the door down below.  It was the Philipou family. He’d really thought they’d left them. He looked at Astra in fear. He felt his heart sink. He kissed her deeply but then pulled back when his heart burned but it felt like love. Like true love, he saw tears roll down her cheeks and he wiped them clear, making a smile on her face.

“I love you Crathis.” She said quickly before the door busted open and a large man with a scruffy beard had stood on the roof. He made his way for Astra but Crathis stood in front in her. He turned his head.

“I love you Astra.” Crathis said before the man pushed him off the ledge. She watched as his head bled the blood of a true man. She had tears forming in her eyes again. A few had escaped and made her look down the man had pushed the handle of the axe against her neck, making her slightly off the edge of the home. She tried to push the man away but he was too strong for her might and will inside her soul. She was pushed off the edge by the man but she grabbed hold of the window ledge below.

The man looked down and threw his axe right for her head. The axe swung and made her fall from the impact of the blade running through her skull. She fell right beside Crathis, her body was still, her heartbeat gone, eyes closed.

Soon when Drismas was going to walk to see Astra, he did, and he saw her lying dead in the street with blood racing out of her head and onto the cobblestone street. He fell and held her. Taking the axe from her head, more blood seeped out of her skull. He saw the Philipou family exit from the door. They approached the limp girl’s body. Drismas stood in front of the body, protecting his love even though she’s gone from this world, and her soul, not full of the life he wanted to save anymore. But it was the beauty of the girl, and the grace Drismas had to save.

“She’s a demon; her family must pay for the wrongs they’ve done to our family.” The Philopou mother told the young Alexiou boy. Pushing him aside, he stood in front of them again.

“She did nothing; I wanted her love all for myself. So I killed the Philipou cousin.” Admitted the Alexiou boy, the Philipou family satisfied with the truth told by the young man, so satisfied that they took the axe and cut right down the middle of his head, hearing his screams made them laugh and the other street viewers cry. Once the boy was cut right down the middle, as three families blood ran down the cobblestone streets. Mixing all the way down to the sewage drains, blood covering every crack and crevice, all running down like rain water, having families watch at the horror of the hate they’ve done. That very day, four families died. The Philipou family had been executed.

Wishing for love has all its consequences. 

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