One Fifty One

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An old apology- but one I'll always remember.

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012



One Fifty One

In purple sheets and thoughts afray

I cant find much to say today

Lead heart rum pums, as lead hearts may

And FUCK I feel like screaming

The hazy mind is so unkind

To the man behind the matter and

the liquids seep and spoil and roil

In the games of the mad hatter. So

No control as the round bell tolls

One hundred and fifty one tickies to

Be SANE, to obstain from the pain and the blame

That will come with the tipping of mickies

Wrinkled and grey in the cradled bone cave

My brain how it fucks with my ticker

And this heart, this lead heart how is longs to be brave

While the wrinkles, they drown me, how so fucking grave

And I want to be good and I want to behave

I'm a damned decent girl- theres the kicker

Because yo quero uno, no yo quero dose

Until uno goes in and the toxins emboss

Me with grins and such wit and a love-driven TOAST

To lies, and to wishes, to dreamers

And I'm sorry, I'm sorry - the drink took my hand

And I don't expect anything; will not pretend

It was normal, it wasn't; wont happen again

I was crazy, tres loco, and I'm desperate to mend

Because I really fucked up. And I love you, my friend.

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