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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

....what a good time we had.




Here’s the dark rum, time gone by like

So many small scenes stacked like lego

Making monsters in my mind. The rind of me

Is thick- brick by brick I cover myself in

Big blankets and tubs of ben and jerry’s.

You took the ferry on a Saturday night

Didn’t feel right- my chest was tight and

The lump in my gut twisted as the hours tocked

And I was ticked off at you. I thought you’d

Stood me up. Gave up. Flip cup and four years

You found me at three O two Diagon Alley

In the Western valley and the chest of you

Warmed me. They’d warned me. Spiced rum

And some gum you’d been chewing since

That marco-pollo shore. The buzz of you

Cracked me. Peeping through peep holes

As you strolled up my stairs and the smell

Of leather steeped in beneath the door.

You floored me, see. Scruff on your chin.

Fuck where to begin- you were beautiful…

And for two sleeps you were mine. What

A time- talking with Robbie Burns and Barry

-Man we were glowing. Laughing. Making fun

As the pitchers tipped and the little glasses were

Left with rainbow residue. Smoke curled.

Unbrella unfurled and the air was cold. Laughter.

Quips. A dip in the vantown sky-pool and those

Smirk lips. The drips and drops of the delight of

You and the city. Your kiss was hard- black and

Blue and you stood so sure. Is there a cure for weak

Knees? Some say a sneeze is one tenth an orgasm but

I fathom they’re wrong. You came from an

Island and I came on the soft floor as your warm

Hands and cologne bruised me beautifully. Nips.

Quips. Barred teeth and those blue eyes of yours.

So sore in the morning, so adoring of the

Way your arm tosses over your face when you

Sleep. Sleep deep, into the afternoon. Get lost

Looking for that room. Too much sushi, sharing a pillow,

Smoking over the sill and letting my hand

Streak through that sinful hair. We glare. We debate.

We wait years to sleep together but the morning

Is sweetest of all. You’re not tall but you stand above

Me. This creature who’s never left my life…

This silly man who scared me when I was little and

Scares me now. Delights me now. Delightfully

Enchanting you said- so well read. 1812 coins and

Early coffee on a leather couch. And when you

Left that day the hug was brief…. You smell of leather.

Ocean and leather and cologne and cigarettes.

And I miss you…I want to kiss you. I wanted to kiss you



Submitted: October 24, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Espressoyourself. All rights reserved.

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