False Interpretations

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The moment you realized that what you had with a person wasn't exactly what you thought.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



I have become tired of the lies and the talking, you call yourself my friend yet you let him take over the friendship. How dare you push me to the side as if I was a neglected toy, you no longer want to give me attention, you no longer want to love me. Seeing you with him makes me sick, you continue to call him your boo yet don’t know shit about him. He makes you feel all girly inside you say but what exactly is that? You yourself are not the type of female to fall for this bullshit, these false words spoken from the mouth. Didn’t you always tell me that actions speak louder than words; I guess this is apparently not the case now.

You speak of him so highly as if he is the only thing you needed in the world, but yet you use him to your advantage, he is a puppet on your string. He gives you money to help you. Your pockets are depleted and he has the cash to deepen them. How pity are your actions for you call yourself an independent woman; didn’t you just have a job interview?

I don’t understand you, you there, my friend. You the one I so love and care about; why do you continue to play with my emotions? Why do you continue to play with yourself? Love is something that needs to be obtained yet you have not found it. Yes you have your son and your family, these are the essentials in your life so you tell me; where the hell does he fit in? Why is he important to you? He tells you things and makes you smile, that’s great but what about me? How do I come into the picture?

I have known you for years and yet you continue to look blindly at my true intentions with you. You continue to say things that are supposed to make me feel better, yet I feel rotten and my stomach is cringing with hate, the hate that I have for you and this fake thing you call a relationship. It troubles me that you cannot be by yourself, you need the SUPPORT of a man, you know exactly what kind of support I’m talking about, that support not from comfort, not from pleasures, but from spending.

You my dear are not a real woman, a real women doesn’t need the support of a man to take care of their child, they raise that child alone. Do you really know what you doing? I will honestly say I don’t think so. It hurts cause you are my friend but then again what is friendship but a false interpretation, just like this imaginary thing you have with him, maybe I am jealous or maybe I’m just realistic, but you my dear are an impaired human creature that has lost all morals to the realization of what exactly a man is, what a woman is.

I love you but I cannot continue to let my heart diminish as you continue to play this stupid game with him, if he is more important than me so be it, but remember I will not shun you in the coldest of hours or ever. This just angers me that you have been subjected to this shit, subjected to letting you heart fall for the words of a human being…

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