No One Gives A Fu*k About The Educated Black Male

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Reality set forth...

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



No one gives a fuck about an educated Black male, it just seems that when this male has continued to achieve they continued to want him to fail. Pushing up daises is the means for him, they want to see his end, they want him to feel what it is like to struggle, yet he already struggles because he is a Black male. Why does he even continue to try to strive for a dream which in realized they continue to tell him that it is deferred? Why does he even continue to push for something when they continue to tell him he is nothing?

For years, he has studied to obtain degrees. Mounted in frames on a white wall he screams because the world has rejected him. No one can help him. Fist hits the door, blood slowly pours onto the floor. He is angry and appalled at the fact that he is Black yet educated. Matter of fact, he is the first in his family that has made it. Yet, what is making it for a Black male who’s only options  are to get drunk, sag pants, or smoke weed. Who’s only means is to look a certain type of way because if he doesn’t he considered uppy or not Black enough. The emptiest place can be in your own skin. Questions continue to linger in his brain, when will he get a job? When will things start to get better? As he sit and wonders, he gets irate looking at what a waste the Black male has become. Does he have to rap to make an honest living in the world? Does he have to become normality? Another statistic?

Though this tainted window there is more, this he knows. Being a Black male in America is nothing more than a puppet show. They tell you that if you don’t do what is told you won’t make it, as if in slave times the master is still present, we just happen to call it another name SOCIETY. If education is the key to success why do so many shun it? A Black male with an education is a threat thus why not incarcerate instead. They give us guns to kill our dreams and demolish our hopes of ever becoming what they are. No one gives a fuck about the educated Black male this is true, that’s why the struggle is real and no one will help you. Everything in life is worth fighting for they say, yet as a Black male that fight continues from birth till that last breath taken from within.

A Black male is an empty shell in a world created not for his success but his failure. Our own women, friends, and people fail to encourage us, they down play us dig us deeper into the hole which we ourselves already have. No one gives a fuck about the Black male, so what can he do? What can he do?

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