Statement of Purpose

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Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



What is it but a statement of purpose, a word of thought that seems to

continuously flow in my veins, my thoughts burn on these pages. The

flame of my words scorn those who read them, it engulfs there mind,

body, their souls become one with the ways of my language.


Have I forgotten my place as an individual in this world. Dreaded with

evils too much to name but many to become subjected. No I say but what

have we come to feel. Is there feeling anymore? When I touch my face

in the morning it doesn't occur to me that I am a human being. It is

when I put ink to paper and bleed do I become someone and not



Language is so powerful, yet we abuse it. We cut open human flesh with

our words, we beat, blacken, and bruise with the daggers spoken from

ones lips. If for one minute we didn't pay attention to the language

of the world that is so full of lies, if for one minute we listened to

ourselves, took ourselves serious there could be a change. Yet we

don't take the time to look into the mirror.


Are we afraid of the monsters we have become? Are we afraid to look at

that which God has given us, a heart? But what is a heart but a

instrumental, a beating drum of flowing red liquid which keeps us

alive. But how can we be alive when we live in a world that is already



Are we really living or just walking dead now? The way we live and the

way we die has become a tragedy, our dreams have become hopeless

reality, we are daydreaming and need to wake up. We cannot sleep no

more. We need to start living for us and not for what we seek. All

that is material will wash away and their will be nothing left but



So I write this statement of purpose as a means of being truthful.

Don't let the hate of the world take over your mental, use you brain.

A powerful tool that we forget we have.


Stand and do something and not let those who don't understand stop

you. Everyone will not like you, but if you respect yourself, they

will have no choice but to respect you.

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