Gienchy's Creation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A half human-half robot finds herself in a
girl's room - running from her creator,
Dr. Shelly Givenchy.

Submitted: November 21, 2010

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Submitted: November 21, 2010



She just sat on the bed nonchalantly, like she was a full human;

her legs swinging forward and back. Her computer-generated features were perfect

in the moon light. Her right eye was covered by a strange, electronic mechanism that

was shooting a matter-sans beam at my chest. I waved.
 She waved back.
 And the whole time, it felt like I was in a room with a real person, a sister even.

It was like I knew this cyborg. When her mouth started moving, the virtual voice scared me.
"Is this your night?" she asked. I narrowed my eyes in question.

"Is this your night?" she repeated.  She pointed at the window. "Did you make that?"

My eyes flashed to the big, bright moon sitting upon the stars and the black night.

"No." I shook my head. She cocked hers.
 "Then who did?" I walked slowly to the window. My hands gave me support as I leaned

toward the glass, looking out. "I... I don't know. I'd like to know. I just don't." I shrugged my shoulders.
"I must know... friend. I must understand." I heard the mechanic zoom of her artificial,

steel legs lifting her up until she stood beside me, looking out too.

"This... night should be yours. That world should be yours." I turned to her, confused.

"How come?"
"The night matches you. You match the night. Am I wrong?" She asked that with much

worry. I shook my head quickly. "No, I -- you're right. But how do I match... night?"
  "The night is tranquil and quiet. A harmonized space; a turgid bliss. But behind the

black barrier, is another light. The heart. It is warm, like that light." She pointed to

the moon. "If I could understand what that light was... I'd give it, to you.

And you could rule that light and be the Queen. Or Empress. And everyone would

bow down to you. I'd give you that." The way she explained was amazing.

Her voice then rang in my ears as surreal and human. And her words gave me

a mental picture of real, true bliss. She opened a new space of my mind that

I hadn't accessed in a very vast time. My imagination.
  "Wow..." I whispered with a touch of my amazement. I couldn't find any other

words to express my thoughts, which were every where. "So... what is that light?" she asked, serious.
 "That's called the moon. Isn't it beautiful?" We adored the bright circle in awe. I took that as a yes.
"But what is it for?" I thought about her question carefully.
"What do you think it's for?" I asked softly. Her arm moved up with a wuur.
"Does it shed light to this..." Her eyes went off the the left as she thought. "planet?"

I smiled slightly.
 "Yes. But I can't rule the moon." Her eyes turned considerate and I noticed their color.

A very, almost unnoticeable light blue. Lighter than water blue. "You can rule whatever

you want, friend." Her eyes popped open wide. "And I will give you that."

Her joints zoomed as she traveled to the door.
 "Where are you going?" I whispered.
"I am going to the moon. I am taking it down. It's my present to you."

I covered my mouth that fell overt.
"You can't bring the moon down!"
"But I must give it to you." I shook my head.
 "No! No cyborg! Come..." I waved my hand toward me. She inched forward. I nodded.

"Come, come, cyborg."
"My name is not cyborg," she said thickly. "I am HBZ080 - Hybrid number 6."
 "Who made you?"
"Dr. Shelley Givenchy." My eyebrows pulled together. She wasn't in my room for no

reason. Dr. Givenchy might've sent her here... on purpose. "Why are you in my room,

and not in Dr. Givenchy's laboratory?"
"I ran away."
"HBZ! Why? I have to get you back."
 "No!" Her eyes were wide with pleading. "You can't. Dr. Shelley will do more tests on me."
"But she'll come looking for you at some point!"
"No! Friend... please don't return me. Dr. Shelley may seem nice, but she is evil." I sighed.
"What will I do when my parents come in here and see a cyborg on the bed?"
"We shall hide there." She pointed to the moon. I sighed again.
"HBZ, you cannot hide there! That is a rock, not a planet. And anyway, we'd

suffocate getting there--- wherever would we get a space ship?"
"I am a creation. I have no knowledge of... 'suffocation'." She made small air quotes.

"And space ship? No need. We could get to the moon fast --- with my rockets!"

She swung her leg up, showing the back of her cyborg boots and the rockets that hooked

onto them.
  "Dr. Givenchy made something special," I whispered to myself.
"But please, friend, let us go, before your friends wake."
"HB!" I shouted. "We can NOT go to the moon!" Suddenly I heard a muffled move

of furniture from my parent's room.
  "See, friend? Now we must go." She ran to me with her electric zoom,

grabbed me up, and shot us through the window into the cold night air.

"What are you doing!? Cyborg - go back!" I cried.
 "But we must evade!"
"We must go back home! What will my parents do when they see they have no

daughter?!" HBZ laughed a computerized one, and didn't make any attempt to stop

shooting us higher into the air. "GAH!" I cried. My hands pointed back to the broken


"Shh," she hushed. "Before the whole world wakes up." I began to retaliate with a scream,

but my air was cut off quickly. I felt the air get colder, and me loose my gravity.

I couldn't believe that I was going to die in the hands of a cyborg.

© Copyright 2020 essay fitzgerald . All rights reserved.

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