Middle School Drama

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just some drama that is crazy and I have to tell the whole Booksie world!

 My ex boyfriend Marc is going out with this girl named Taylor. I am in love with Taylor's ex boyfriend, Ricky. I am sure Ricky loved Taylor at one point, and him and Marc are, or were supposed to be friends. Why Marc had to tell me his personal business is unknown to me. I honestly don't care, but what really set me off was that it seemed that he was doing this on purpose to hurt me and Ricky.

 I told Ricky in 7th bell and him and his cousin, Luke now want to fight Marc and his best friend, Jay. Okay.

 Now when this first started, I was still well in love with Marc. I kept telling them 'Don't touch either of them because maybe it will blow over.' That was before he started to let Jay talk to me anyway he wants.

 Was it yesterday? It's Saturday - well Sunday, but on Friday I warned Marc on our way out of 8th bell. "They are trying to fight you. And I keep telling them no." But Marc already got choked my Ricky and Luke had some words with him in 8th, so he should know. "But if ya'll slip up, I'm gone tell them go 'head, for sure."

 Why was it that moment after I warned them - their lives because it's not like Ricky and Luke won't kill this boys - that Jay chose to call me a dirty ass bitch?

No. I'm just sick of them talking to me anyway they want. On my way out of the hall to get my instrument, I saw Luke.

 "Hey! Guess what? Just called me a dirty ass bitch?"

Luke was steaming. "Who?"


 "Where is he now?"

 "I don't know where the fuck he is - I just know I'm not no bitch and he bout to get his ass beat."

My best friend Elizabeth called me a few minutes after I got home about 3:10 and told me that Luke was mad as fuck.

We're on Spring Break so I have no idea if they've fought already or if they're going to fight - I just know Lizzie told Ricky the deal. Ricky wants to beat up Marc because of the Taylor thing and Luke wants Jay because Luke likes me and he doesn't like other boys talking to me and insulting me like they always do everyday.

 It's like those boys already have something to say. They're worse than the girls! I don't understand why they're doing this to me - Marc wouldn't do this to me if Jay wasn't around and Jay would not be saying this stuff to me if Marc wasn't there. We're in middle school - do they really feel the need to impress each other so much?

 So now, if Taylor gets dragged into this because of Marc, Lizzie, me, Ricky, Luke, and her will want to fight him.

 I don't know why he thinks he can be Luke and Ricky - they're twice both of their size. I don't know why he acts like he doesn't care that I'm being called all this stuff; no matter if I still love him or not, I wouldn't let some girl call him all this stuff - I wouldn't let my best friend say this stuff about him - that is, if I really cared.

 He has no feelings so I don't know what he's ever feeling because he lies so much. Jay and him can't keep this up anymore without me going crazy. I'm really trying to calm myself down over Spring Break but as soon as I go back, I know they still won't understand that Luke and Ricky know what Jay said. I don't know what's going to happen to them. I just don't understand why they're doing this to me, insulting Lizzie and my best friend Lanna, my family, Ricky and all the people I love and care about.

 I never do this to tell, I swear. I just don't know. I'm know I'm not taking their childish little bitch act anymore. If anyone's dirty, it's Jay for looking high everyday.

 If anyone's a slut or a whore, it's definately Marc for going out with Ricky's ex girlfriend.

They're not two perfect teenagers and I know if people started pointing out their flaws, they'd start crying in a minute.

 I just know Lizzie, Luke, me and Ricky are not happy. And we're gonna do something about it.

Submitted: April 01, 2012

© Copyright 2022 essay fitzgerald . All rights reserved.

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