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I need help with something that went down at school today. All opinions are welcome but I'd love answers. :)

Submitted: April 29, 2011

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Submitted: April 29, 2011



Okay get this: I yelled at my best friend because she was yelling my name and I was trying to talk to someone. Let's hear the whole story real fast.

I have a friend and her name is Blake. Blake was crying because people were putting crazy stuff on her desk like 'do you like Blake? NO!!' and type 6024311 in you couculator and turn it up side down. (spells go to h-e double hockystick) and I was sick of it. Then my other friend destiny was upset because Blake got a pick of her gettig hit in the head and she was telling everyone and it was embarrising. So I was trying to help destiny. Then Desiree was crying because her ex was flurting with another girl and talking about her right in front of herface. I was trying to fix that too. All my best friends Know that I don't like getting my name called which was happening all day today and they know I have no patience and a temper. So then my Besty gave me this note like 'i don't know why you think yu can yell at everyone I'm sick and tired of it. So go hang out with your group' for no reason. Who's fault do you think it was: my best friend's for bothering me at a VERY VERY difficult time, or mine for getting angry so fast and yelling?

Thanks for reading and please comment your answers!

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