Bread & Butter

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Two virtually different plots, two themes blend into one.

Submitted: March 28, 2016

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Submitted: March 28, 2016




Bread & Butter

She lost her husband in an industrial accident, left three children behind. Many years of legal battles, she walked out with a very little compensation,
Which she use to pay off her two bedroom small hut in the slums, for her, it was home.
Life is still not easy for her, sending children to the school almost drained all her savings, jewelry and household than she decided to work on her own .

From the Bakery she buy the leftover and reject bread and from the dairy some butter remains in the molds, she scrap the butter and contains in her pots.

After the courthouse closed at 5:00 pm she takes the bottom two steps and set up her shop, brings her stove, piece of flat iron, heated over the stove and start browning the pieces of bread, the aroma of freshly toasted bread attracts many passing by customer, she always ask with butter or plain and sell accordingly.

Adil lives right across the courthouse, he was doing his masters in fine arts, making landscape and portrait with charcoal, his pictures are finding room in elegant homes who appreciate his art, when he met Dr. Santiago he showed him a picture taken by camera, where Dr. Santiago standing with his family when he was just  5 years old.

This was our mansion, he pointed out the huge home with little balcony by every window and flowering plants hanging from each, curtain set tucked on each side, leaving an arch impression, four huge columns holding the square car porch and a long white Bentley parked under it.

There's rows of towering pine trees on each side of curved driveway, you can see the red stone pavers on the driveway, I use to ride my tricycle there.
Really beautiful Dr.Santiago, Adil admires, let me introduce my family to you, this in the middle is my Grandfather, the first person moved from Spain to Puerto Rico, he build the empire by olive plantation and exporting to US. He missed Madrid home therefore he build   this home exactly like the one he left in Madrid, for hours he explains about people and their background and current status.

You need to draw this, wall size, I will hang there, he pinted the 20" wide wall, Adil eyes were wide open, he tried to capture the wall into his eyes, visualize, my goodness it will take months. Dr. Smiles, 100,000 cannot me earned in one day, 100,000 Adil Almost fainted, Dr gave him a check of 10,000 as a deposit.

Work start very quickly, Adil measure the wall bought 20 ft long canvas, for an exact fit, different shades of charcoal and start working, every evening he stopped at the bread shop and ask for some left over bread, lady asked Seneour like to have some butter, he nods no no just dry, wrap  in the newspaper please,he took some coins from his pocket and handed over with his coal black hands and leaves.
Poor boy she always think pity for him, Adil use the bread to rub the charcoal over canvas, the moisture in the bread and crispy edges were a perfect combination of brushing and spreading and that was the key factor which identify his astonishing charcoal work.

Many months passed, the picture coming up with every little detail, the entire canvas transform into a history of Santiago ffamily, the arches with flowering vines, the shrubs with butterflies, the stone driveway and shining Bentleys, grandfather and five years old Dr Santiagi comes to life.

Ah! Finally Adil sigh and take a deep breath, he open the windows to bring the light inside, it was sunset time, the courthouse was closed and the old lady was selling her breads and butter, Oh mama you are also a contributor to this masterpiece, the downing sun shines over the picture from an angle, he saw dust, Oh no, this suppose to be delivered today, than he got the idea, lightly rub with the bread.

He ran to the old lady, I need some bread for the last time, give some bigger pieces, sure lady reply, do you care for some butter, no just plain he was in a hurry, put his hand in the pocket to reach  to the coins, nothing in the pocket, please pack in the newspaper I will be right back, he rushed to the apartment.

Last time, the lady repeated, doesn't even have the coins today , poor boy, must lost his coal mine job, She thought, he was buying for so long, I must give him free buttered slices , she spread  lots of butter and wrapped it.

He came running, here he gave the coins and went back in a rush. A s Soon enter the room, turned the lights on.

The power was out, Don't worry don't. worry he talked to himself I can rub with my eye closed, he took one slice  and lightly rub from one end to other with his eyes closed.
He felt the spark of the flood light, power came back. light which shines the picture lights up over the canvass.

 One black canvass screen, nothing there, no picture, he rubbed his eyes two to three times, touch the canvass, it was greasy, he smell it, was buttery , he looked at the sliced they were soaked with butter, noooooooo he screamed and ran to the courthouse.

There were ambulances running with siren and rotating lights, lots of people running towards the courthouse, what happened here ? The runaway truck ran into the courthouse stairs and killed the old lady, she was selling the Bread and Butter.
She died, without my thanks .......for free butter !


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