Jack & Jill

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When we see the birds, never think they have a life too, they talk and they feel the warmth of companionship .

Submitted: March 30, 2016

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Submitted: March 30, 2016




Jack & Jill

I get really fade up with the noise level of downtown, which starts at dawn and continue till midnight .
Deira Dubai is no different than any other downtown , can't find  a parking spot, if you are lucky and able to park but forget to feed the parking meter every hour, you are out of luck, parking inspector attach a penalty ticket to your wiper.
Honking starts and never ends, than there was a noise like too many dead bodies whispering in the air, conspiring to take over Deira city.

Enough I said and moved into Mirdif uptown, Whatta place I said, a low rise building, my 2 bedroom came with three baths and a huge Balcony facing the dunes on the west side, right behind the dunes  the huge  sunsets, very big seems too close, I can feel the heat and if walk straight towards  for about  thirty minutes  you can touch it, it's flames die down this time to nearly 30 degrees. I can handle it, daytime temperature is twice as much in summer days.

On his way to hide behind the dunes, the sun took orange paint  and spread over the skies, telling the world, I am leaving and he clads himself with gold , boy you go to gym, Perfect round body !

Since I moved here, sleep early with the cozy quiet nights thus wakes up in the morning. My favorite place to stay few minutes in the balcony become an addiction.
It was 6:30 in the morning I was enjoying the salty winds coming over the oceans. Little chilly  I put towel over my shoulders.

Suddenly hear a melodious whistle, it was a pair of Robin sitting over the fence of tennis court, he chirps again 'fly Robin  fly, up up in the sky."
During the winter in Eutope and Central Asia lots of birds find home in the tropical regions, UAE had tremendous plantation that invites many species of birds. Many Robin families migrate this season, make their homes and fly back with new chicks to where they came from.

Jack stop singing and help me, I saw Jill carrying a straw in her beak and try to fly upward, but she reached couple of feet high and land again. Thought her wings are wounded may be tired after long flight from home .

Jack was hoping over the edge and keep singing O lalla lala fly Robin fly,...!
His voice had the beautiful melody he repeats his roller ball kind of whistle very expert way, I can understand he repeat the same notes twice than a pause and  one long note, he ends with up up in the sky .

Jill was very upset, she was keep trying to fly with the straw and keep falling back, jack I wish you could understand, how difficult it is to make the nest for our chicks,
I don't understand your singing practise, you are not going to win any American idol competition, tcome down and help me.
Jack stopped his whistling practice, This time he was serious, okay what you want me to do ? you want the babies , told you at the honeymoon time, we got to see the world just take a break for few years, instead of family planning you become pregnant, you see with two eggs in your body can't even picked a straw, that is not my job, I am sorry .he was real upset, eggs than babies, I am too young for all that...!

Jill fly up without the straw, she chirps a very sad note, jack turn towards her, She was crying, jacks heart beat rises, oh no baby , I am sorry, tell me, how many straw will make you comfortable , she open her wings, that much.
Come on fly with me, they both enter into the lemon tree, look, a beautifully crafted nest was hanging between two branches , right in the middle , there were some cotton lints, which he pulled from my towel  of course hunh !  so that was you, I point my finger to him, for my family Sir! he looked at me.

Oh jack Whatta a beautiful surprise, than she start fainting, jack hold me she cried and two eggs dropped right at the lints bed.

I love you Jack. She smiles but he was working with his new tunes , what ! I don't hear you, She screamed Stupid 
Cupid, yes indeed! He laughed .

I left the towel in the balcony, for next Jacks and Jills.

Thanks for reading..!




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