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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about two cultures when merge they bring their own confusions, see how a brother call received by brother.
This story is a movie script, prior permission and compensation necessary.

The movie Script
writer : Essen

Life is full of colors, people everyday find happiness and sorrows, people find the ways themselves to makes it complicated, the story of Bobby is not any different.

It wasn't started by Bobby, but it was him to be blamed every time, several time in the School and many times in the local mosque he reads the KALMA SHAHDAT and claimed to be Muslim but on every Sunday he dressed up in his only black suit and walk with his mother Isabel to the city Catholic  Church.
The church street runs right in the middle of the only Bazzar of the town.
He heard people were laughing behind him, Bobby where are you going? Bobby you are not suppose to do this. Do what? He agitate on many occasions. Leave my mother alone ! You say whatever, what difference it makes to go to the Church being even a Muslim, we all respect to each other faith and each other prestige.
Twenty years ago Sobaidar Katib Qureshi said the same words to Isabel Williams after accepting as his wife, in the court.
Sobaidar was appointed at KArsaZ barricks, Karachi, after his wife diagnosed with TB, his life divided between TB sanitarium and work, three long years he was coming and watching his wife Nasreen gradually dying , you will be coming back home Nasso very soon, very soon, he bites his words and hold tears in the eyes, Isabel put her hand over his shoulder, Man if you cry, how would the lady recover, compose yourself. She padded his cheeks and wipe his tears.
It was Autumn, dry dusty winds shifted from the east, the days get shorter with longer nights, Sobsidar left the Bus and start walking to the Sanitarium,!the flickering lamp posts and gusty winds runs through the trees, forced all the dry leaves to fall, Sobaidar squeezed his eyes to see how much distance left, he saw Isabel at the entrance door, Man you are very late today !
She is hardly breathing, run man run ! She said.
Nasso Nasso , she raised her thin very thin hand, Sobaidar hold it in a hurry. Yes Nasso try to breath. Don't just leave me like this Nasso are you listening ? The hand was tightly closed after a long beep from the heart rate machine, Isabel call the doctors.  It was all over.
Before Sobaidar leaving he saw tears in Isabel eyes, Today she took Sobaidars head over her shoulder, put her hand on the back of head, in couple of minutes her shoulder was soaked with Sobaidars tears .
After the funeral in his village Daska - Sialkot he comes back to the hospital to collect the memoirs of his wife, before leaving he stop by at Isabel, I am retired from the Army and will settle back in umy village in few days, he was broken, his words were coming from the dark well.
Mister, I can feel your pain , ten years back when my husband killed in the accident it was a nightmare for me, but life goes on, she gave her shoulder and put a hand on the back of his head, but she never felt it was soaked, Sobaidar rather smell the fresh scent coming out of her body, with his eyes closed, he asked, will you go with me, to the village ??! He felt the temperature  of her body rises the smell of fresh scent disappear, her own body start emitting a mesmerizing aroma , her hand gets heavy and slipped from His head, Sobaidar moved his head to see into Isabel eyes, they were closed, a red bush all over her face and a a big grin over her lips, Sobaudar holds her hand and touched to his face , I promise you the happiness, respect and a home. They both get married.

Pension money and 10 Acres land wasn't enough, the cost of life was rather low but they want the same comfort of Karachi and for that the price was high, Isabel came with an idea to grow higher cash crops like Broccoli and Strawberry, she walked into agriculture cooperative, with her refined English, impressed the officers and get the seed and fertilizers, together they become famous producers, the agri department ask them to supervise the regional growth for the same and provide seeds and plants, that was the turning point, money start rolling and they become the influential people in the region.
Isabel also build a hospital to provide free treatment to the poor farmers.

Wazir Ali was a machinist in Dubai, living there for 7 years, four of his children born there, two were even going to Dubai School.
Five  years ago he loaned 10,000 Ruppees to his poor caretaker  Bundu of his village home, who needed this money to marry his elder daughter.
Monsoon brought too much rain and flooded the low line areas, most of Daska was under water, Wazir Ali rushed back from Dubai and screamed at Bundu, poor Bundu who can hardly see  with his muddy eyes due to Diabetes, explained how the streams overflow the branch canal and not only this house all other came under the flood, people left homes but he was still here with his 15 years old daughter Hajra.
Hajra brought a cup of tea for Wazir Ali, he saw that beautiful innocent girl and can't move his eyes from her.
Where is my money? It has been 5 years, Wazir Ali has a cruel smile over his face.
Bundu start crying Malik I am taking care of your property al this time, my diabetes do not allow me to work in the Dairy farm anymore, I have nothing to give you, he cried in hiccups.
Oh no you have diamond in the rough, I will forgive my loan if you give your daughter to me, Bundu cried, it is my loan not hers, she us just 15, mercy on us, Wazir Ali said I will give respect to you and Marry your daughter. When I leave for Dubai she will stay  with you to help.
Wazir Ali marry the little girl and took her to Murree for honeymoon, when he returned , his first wife came as a surprise from Dubai, accompanied with Children and four heavy weight brothers, over a gun point Wazir Ali divorce the little girl Hajra after 15 days of this forced marriage .

The flood water recedes but left a bunch in Hajra and poor Bundu eyes, they were rolling down tears all day long, poor Bundu blamed himself and his poverty, there were no justice and finally the day when Hajra feel the labor pains, Bundu took her over the bull cart to the local hospital, he barely reached to the front door and fell down at the step, Bapu! She screamed, Bapu she cried.
Isabel suddenly came out, check the pulse of Bundu, turned over to Hajra, Oh my Lord ! rushed her inside.
Hajra delivers twin boys and during the process the malnutured  poor Hajra couldn't survive.
Lord where the justice you took two lives and gave two new lives without any parent.
Hajra elder sister came from
Rawalpindi and took one Boy, she told Isabel, sorry I cannot afford two little boys at the same time.
Isabel tried to reach Wazir Ali but he refused to accept as his own children resulting from a 15 days marriage.
Isabel took the other little boy, Sobsidar and Isabel never had any child, for them it was a blessing, Jesus Christ you fulfilled by last wish too, you are the Mesiah, she lights up the candles over the church mantel and sing with the choir 
"Like Virgin Mary you gave me son , I will pray for you Often"
Today she sung the same choir with Bobby,
You know Bobby, how lucky I am, how much lucky you mean, I know he always makes fun of her lines, this much 5' 11" tall right, She nodded, very true son.

Life of Wazir Ali never stayed the same, even though he divorce Hajra and refused to accept her newborn as father his wife Parveen never forgive him.
Parveen had a very harsh attitude towards Wazir Ali, he was mentally tortured by the stings and bites of Parveen, 
She kept the kids away from him, saying that she doesn't want them to  learn the immoral activities from him.
Wazir Ali spending most of his time in the bars, become alcoholic and one day he thought he turned the machine off and start cleaning the inside of it,  he wipes the sensor screen that trickle the automation, machine ran, while  both of his hands were inside, he lost both hands, in the hospital the blood report shows the intoxication, he lost all benefits.
After his wounds recovered, was deported immediately .
Parveen took divorce from
Him and married to Tariq Ahmed who was a Canadian immigrant, 50 years old but single, he took kids and her happily and moved to Canada.

Bobby was very excited after finding  his brother Asif, he wants to find his father too, both wants to be accepted as his legal heirs.

Colonel and Lieutenant Asif, I am here to take care of some official business , hope you will excuse me and allow me to finish my job.
Colonel offers him the assistance with the Army personnel, he mentioned that half of my work is done, during the search, just few days to connect the dots, he smiles. 
Good luck young man, after you return will celebrate the return of Asif and Sara, remember if you weren't here, I could lost both of these kids, 
Bobby laughed, sure, I will comeback for the celebration.

China and Pakistan are natural friends from
Decades, recently China changed the Asian defence policy, after notice an increased domination of India in the region.
China encouraged Pakistan to  be a super power and an economical destiny for landlocked countries, China assist in building Airplanes, submarines, tanks and missile systems, to overshadow India, 
India started border skirmishes, infiltration and supporting terrorists groups against Pakistan, just to de focus from it's objectives .
Pakistan has a great military and supreme leaders like General Raheel are the Tigers who are looking eye to eye to their enemies, he started a open action against all terror groups and their supporters, who spread all over the country, but General knows how to pull them out from the rat holes.
One morning Indian Navy reported to their Chief, that the Arabian Sea has a blockade, Chief asked if the US fleet moved in, the commander says no, PN block the entire Arabian Gulf and in and out excess from

During the wartime, the logistics play a key role, the road between China and Pakistan runs through Gilgit, the only link between two mountains is the same rope and board bridge, where Asif and Sara caught in a blast.

Bobby found the tracks of ski mobile, he found hiking tools and ropes in the same valley, in one place he found wrappers of Parley biscuits, He picked these evidences, they were all Indian.
He feels strongly that some cross border terrorists are on  a mission to blast the land link between China and Pakistan.
He reported to his office and informed about the recovery of the soldier, office advice him to contact the Colonel and plan to arrest or kill the infiltrators.

Bobby and seven commandos  set the traps and patiently waiting, the didn't wait long, when the saw three people dressed like local farmers, wants to cross the bridge with their animals, they stopped at the check post before the bridge.
Bobby received the signal over his detectors, all three get arrested on the spot. Under their heavy clothes, they carried arms and detonators, admitted they were on the mission for blowing up the bridge.

The party was held at the gymkhana, hundreds of high ranked official and diplomats were invited, when Bobby walked in the entire crowd gave him a standing ovation, colonel came on stage and announce that today is the twins Birthday, today we celebrate the home coming and today we are still waiting for a surprise guest.
People start murmurs, who suppose to be here, we thought Bobby , but he is here. 
Colonel came back on the stage, this time he wasn't alone, one beautiful? Charming young girl was there too, meet Alisha my daughter, returned from US for this lovely ocassion .
Bobby can't move, he was just stunned, until Alisha came and pinch him, wake up warrior, party just started, Colonel stand in between them and said party not started yet, you both go and inform me in 30 seconds that an order. 
Bobby replied right away, you are late Colonel, party was started the first day when I came to your house and looking at the picture and her email address at your computer, he took the picture out of his valet, Alisha shows Bobby's online picture .
What do you think Colonel they both laugh, can we start the party , everyone enjoys how they handle Colonel.

Bobby and Asif were standing inside the Darga of Bari Imam, they are looking for a person with captivated hands, there were many people hiding hands under the blanket, they start asking if anybody knows Wazir Ali, after couple of hours, one old and very weak person came, said I am Wazir Ali.
Twenty five years before you married a girl in Daska name Hajra, fifteen days later you divorced her and left her. Later when the Hospital called you about your twin kids you refused to accept them as yours.
He started crying and said that curse he is carrying until today, I cannot forgive myself and my sins, asking Allah SWT everyday to take my life and give me peace.

Bobby and Asif embrace him, told him, look we are the same twins , they seated him
On the back seat and brought him home.
They give him shower, change his clothes and feed him by their hands

Isabel inspect his hands and suggest the artificial limb attachment, Wazir Ali gets the best medical services, his hands allow him to d o his own work and around the house.

Isabel and Sobaidar were still mom and Dad , Wazir Ali become Baba G.

Bobby sending emails to Alisha, you promised we can get married in December. You suppose to come on today why did you change your plan.
Alisha answered from
Her smart phone, turn your head towards the door, What door, Which door ? 
She quietly walked in, he was bending over the desk, looking  in his iPad , she moved the chair, Okay just relax she typed, sit down and listen like a Good boy, he try to sit, bang right over the floor, the laptop was on his face, with big bold letters  saying IDIOT ! 
The room filled with bunch of people everybody was there  and laughing , Asif came in running, oh boy I was parking the car and  slipped over the stairs, you guys started the party. So you slipped too, hahaha everyone laughed again, Alisha quickly typed 
in bold letters IDIOT TWINS. 


Submitted: April 05, 2016

© Copyright 2021 ESSEN . All rights reserved.

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