I promised you (Gaara love story) part 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ok it says this is part 4 but it's actually part 3 so enjoy

You turned to see Sasuke rubbing his face it kinda bothered you seeing him rubbing his face you knew his face was hurting because your hand was stinging, you stopped and turned around to face him.

You:"Sasuke I’m so sorry"

Sasuke:"It’s ok It was my fault"

You:"But I shouldn’t have slapped you"

Sasuke:"I deserved it" He smiled at you with his hand still on his face you couldn’t resist you leaned closer to him and kissed him were you slapped him.

Sasuke 0///0:"W-what was that for?"

You:"To show you how sorry I am"

??:"Are you the leaf ninja that’s supposed to help the Kazekage?" You turned to see a sand ninja.

You:"Uh, Yes"

??:"I thought there was only supposed to be one ninja"

You:"Yeah it was only supposed to be me but..."

??"Your cute, I wish it was only you" He leaned towards your face

Sasuke:"Get away from her" He grabbed you by the arm and pulled you away from the sand village boy.

??:"And who are you?"

You:"My boyfriend" You didn’t want him trying anything else so you just said that hoping he wouldn’t try anything.

Sasuke:"If you touch my girl again I’ll tear your arm off"

??:" Ok I won’t touch her again, I’m Sabaku no Kankuro"

You:"I’m Satano and this is ..."

Kankuro:"Yeah I know who he is he fought my little brother"

Your Pov.

Submitted: November 30, 2008

© Copyright 2020 Este. All rights reserved.

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