Oh Crap! (Sesshomaru love stor) ch. 15

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
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Submitted: June 20, 2011

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Submitted: June 20, 2011




Oh Crap!-Kimiko,Chapter 15

You caught Kimiko just before she hit the ground, How did she get here? you thought. You layed her down gently, your blue sweater tucked under her head. You couldn't help but smile, you and Kimiko had been great friends back in Sheikon High School, Kimiko made you feel complete like she was your other half when she moved you felt empty and cold. You were still looking down at Kimi's pale peaceful face when someone started yelling at the top of his lungs.

?:" HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW KIMIKO?!?" you rolled your eyes and turned to face him.

You:" How do you know Kimiko, Inuyasha?" you watched as he made his traditional Keh', put his hands in his sleeves and plopped down indian style.

Inuyasha:" She was an old friend" you couldn't help when you heart squeezed to see such sadness spread into his eyes. He looked over where Kimiko was still asleep, " She was my best friend, then one day she was gone" he stood and jumped into a tree. You looked at Kimko with pain in your eyes, What happened Kimiko? you thought.

" you stared at him he had a light blush on his cheeks you caught movement from above his head, he glanced up just as the clouds fully passed the moon and you saw eats sitting in a nest of silver hair. You reached out and with that tiny touch memories slammed in you.

*Middle of the night*

Kimiko's POV.

*Dream*~ You were standing in a beautiful meadow, it was how it turely should be, not a waste land like you saw before. You were looking around a smile on your face "Mom" you heard a light laugh dancing with the breeze that played with your hair. You turned and there stood your mother in armor that made her look like a warrior.

Mom:" Hello Kimiko" a smile graced her pale rosy lips.

You:" How long do I have to be with you?" her smile faltered.

Mom:" Until you wake but even then I need you to do something for me" you had wondered around and were now standing in front on a serene lake.

You:" Sure what is it?" you picked up a cool bluish purple stone and skipped it across the lake.

Mom:" Please Kimiko I know it will be hard but now being reunited with old friends I know you will be able to do it" you stood from your crouched position.

You:" What is it?"

Mom:" Take back the Lands and the castle you are the true heir to the Eastern Lands" and just like the last time she was enveloped by purple light.

You sat up so fast your vision was clouded by darkness, you looked down at yourself and noticed you were covered by a pale purple blanket. You looked to the side and noticed three people surronding the fire, you stood and walked toward the tiny fire, you saw Kagome and a man and women laying near the fire. The hairs on the back of your kneck rised and you quickly turned and met golden eyes.

You:" I know you" the guy took a step back with his arms crossed and made a Keh' noise.

?:" You should, Kimiko


You were running the cool air making tiny clouds from your warm breath, you looked back but saw only autumn leaves falling on the forest floor. Still looking back and not paying attention you ran into something or rather someone, you fell on your back staring into a small opening of light above the trees. Then you heard full blown out laughing, you sat up to see a small young half demon clutching his stomach and rolling on the cool forest ground.

You:" SHUT UP, INUYASHA!!!" he was still laughing as you stood above him, he stopped after you jumped on him covering his mouth and nose. Then he started to turn blue and his eyes were popping out his head as he tried to claw your hands off. When he was able to remove your hands his face was bright red.

Inuyasha:" YOU NEARLY KILLED ME!" you stood wiping your hands on your kimono.

You:" Impossible you were using all that hot air in your head to breath." you laughed as you dodged his tackle and ran back home with a smile on your face never knowing it'd be the last time you'd see him.


Kagome's POV.

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