Oh Crap! Sesshomaru love story ch. 13

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


~*Oh Crap- RUMORS,Ch.13*~

Kimiko's Pov.

You sat in bed relaxing, you cooked dinner for Karu, Maru, and Taki. You were still kinda upset about not being able to finish what was started. Head hanging over the bed, you opened your eyes and saw the Reikon no Ketsueki Sakura tree, it was beautiful. Its leaves stretched out like feathers praising the heavens, and the color of them so very unique, you could see the clouds flicker with light.

You:"It's going to rain soon" you thought. You got up from your bed to make sure everything was ready in case the power went out, you made your way down the stairs and into the kitchen were you ran into Karu who was digging in the fridge. "Need something?" He turned around to face you with an embarrassed smile on his face.

Karu:"Um I'm still hungry"

You:"Didn't you eat like 4 bowls of rice?" you said with a slim eyebrow raised.

Karu:"Not really maybe one, Maru kept eating mine"

You:"OOOH no wonder he said he was full with just 2 bowls" Karu raised his head in agreement "if you can get some candles and matches ready Ill cook you some food, deal?"

Karu:"Deal" you grabbed an apron and tied it around your waist you grabbed some Steak and rice and started cooking.

Few moments later...

Karu had did what you asked and he was sitting in the kitchen eating.

Karu:"Your a good cook" you smiled

You:"Thanks" you watched as he ate and your mind started to wonder "Hey Karu?"


You:"How did you, Maru, and Taki meet?" he pushed back his empty plate and looked up at you.

Karu:"because of you"

You:"Because of me?"

Karu:"Yep and well we never got along before we meet you" you were guessing you looked confused cause Karu started explaining why. "Maru and I were the only popular boys in school, we ran it what we said everyone went with. Then Taki showed up out of nowhere and the next thing we knew the girls were after him, there was something about him we didn't like. So one day we ambushed him on his way home and with out breaking a sweat he kicked our ass. Then on a hot summer day on our way to the beach we see a cute dark haired girl with a red streak in her hair" he looked at you and smiled, "at first we thought you were really cool then we see you talking to Taki and that just didn't do." he took a deep breath and let it out and looked at you with sad eyes "When school started we started spreading rumors about you and Taki, I didn't mean for it to get out of control," he whispered the last piece to himself, "all we said was that we saw Taki and this girl with long black hair with a strip of red were doing it on the beach." you remembered that day when you were little they cut my hair and beat me up. you felt like crying "a week later we started hearing things that a bunch of the girls found the girl and beat her up, and when we were walking out the school door Taki was there" he looked up at you eyes gleaming with tears "Im so sorry Kimiko" you looked at him trying to control your anger.

You:"So those kids beat me up, cut my hair, tied me up and left me in an ally for 3 days before I was found. And I stayed in a hospital for 2 days were Taki had to come in and feed me because my mom had to work her ass off just to pay the medical bills all because of something you and Maru made up?!" tears slid down his face

Karu:"Im sorry Kimiko, Im so sorry" just when your fist was about to connect to his face strong arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you back.

?:"What the HELL is going on?!" that voice you knew was familiar but your mind wouldn't register all you kept thinking about was killing.

?:"Karu, what happened?"

?:"I told her, I told her how we started becoming friends"

?:"Damn it, Kimiko? Kimiko!" you knew them but you just couldn't think straight. "Kimi it's me, Taki" you felt your nails dig in his arms "Kim please calm down" you heard thunder and the flash of lightening caught your attention, from outside you saw the Reikon no Ketsueki Sakura tree pulse. going on instinct you pushed the person holding you down away, jumped through the window and ran through the tree. And before entering the tree you heard someone say "It's her, it's her"

Submitted: March 18, 2011

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