9/11, Our Nation's Wake Up Call

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This was an essay that I originaly wrote for school, but it went so well with my teacher that I thought I would put it here on booksie. I would write more, but I want to leave you in suspence until you read the essay.

Submitted: January 12, 2007

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Submitted: January 12, 2007



9/11 Our Nation's Wake Up Call

Written By: Esther Asencio

September 11th was one of the saddest days for America.

But it was on that day that America got its wake up call. Before

the attack here in our homeland we just lived this carefree lifestyle

of nothing can happen to me, or there is always tomorrow. It

was 9/11 that showed me that we might not always have tomorrow

and that I always have to be on guard, because you never know what

is going to happen.

I don't know if you share my same opinion I do on the subject of

September 11th, but one thing I do know is, it is one day that has

truely impacted my life. Could you just imagine waking up on what

seemed like any other day, and come to find out that our World Trade

Center no longer exists, or that a piece of the pentagon has been

demolished by terrorists. How can people be so crule as to one day

wake up and say that I am going to take my life,and the life of

innocent people to try and destroy America.

Because of 9/11 I now know that we sould live life to the

fullest, always say I love you to the people that I care about,

because you never know if you will see them again, thank God

for our troops, firemen, and police, but most of all to always

be on guard. It is just one of life's lessons that has impacted me

that I had to write about it.

-God Bless-

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