Don't Be Shallow

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I saw the news and it was talking about gay marriage. Giving my opinion.

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012




I grow up in a conservative and religious household, so it's difficult for me to express my opinion without being called weird in my house. Everyone of my family members are Christian, as well as I, but my views and beliefs are different from my families.

The biggest battle in my house is about homosexuality. My views about gay marriage is that I approve of them. If a guy and girl can get married, why can't a guy/guy or girl/girl? It's a huge debate in the world because everyone's views and beliefs are different from each other.

I respect the people who are against gay marriage and their reasons. I give them 100% respect about their choices because they have their "freedom of speech". It's not my place to go in and tell them that they need to approve of gay marriage but like them, I have my "freedom of speech"; which means I can just let them hear my opinion.


This is my opinion; I think that gay marriage and homosexuality should be approved because we shouldn't be the reason that people can't be happy with the same gender. They are real citizens of the United States who pay taxes, works, and has feelings but people look at them differently just because they are attracted to the same gender.

They have every right to make their own decisions, so we shouldn't stop them. If we are a country who cares for the people, then why can't we show companion to gay marriage. It isn't just gay marriage, it's also about homosexuality. There are teens who keep the secrets from others because they are afraid how others will see them. We shouldn't be so simple minded but free to broaden our views. ?


Whether they are straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual; we are all human with a heart. None of us wants to get hurt, so let's not hurt the people who are attracted to their same gender. We should let them know that they have their "freedom of speech".

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