The Flawed Student

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The Flawed Student is a parallel to my own political views, that I wrote in the subject Political Writing at University ... Please enjoy :)

Submitted: September 19, 2013

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Submitted: September 19, 2013



“This sucks man,” Kendall ground out to his friends as he walked through the campus. “Why do they always have the elections every year on the Barr Smith lawns? I hate walking through them and being swamped upon by students asking me for MY VOTE.” His friends nodded as he let out his frustration, they knew this was coming, every year they would walk through the University and he would argue with everyone why he should NOT vote for certain people – purely because he was a realist who did not agree with this damn democracy that would never affect him in his entire life as a professional student. Every year he would debate his ‘flawed’ University and Life choices purely because of this day and the student elections.

“Why this topic again, Kendall?” His best friend, Andy, asked. “This day seems to affect you worse and worse every year. You have earned seven degrees in the last eight years; you work at a publishing house. Why do the paltry politics of the University system or even the Australian government affect your life so much?”

“I’m a professional student!” Kendall stated with a slightly depressed frown, “you all know what you’re doing and I can’t even pick out a major, the reason I have seven degrees is because I’m so confused. The reason I work at a publishing house is because it’s one of the only places where creativity is praised rather than the ‘stereotypical workplace’ where creativity is downtrodden for procedure and rules. The reason why these political systems get me down is because they change at the drop of a hat, they are elected in and then they are given ultimate power to rule over the systems and civilians. Why do the people give someone ultimate power over the people?

Andy replied, “What’s wrong Kendall? Why is this such a big bugbear? I thought someone as smart as you could be at least a little interested in these types of politics?”

“If only you knew, Andy, if only you knew.” Kendall mused as he sat down to watch the chaos unfold as the engineering students started an argument with the arts students.


Seven years before, Kendall was an eager intellectual into University as an Architect. As a bright faced young eighteen year old he was hoping to learn heaps and move into the world of building creation and putting his hand into the skyline of major Australian towns. Being sucked into the ebb and flow of the University life was wonderful for him, being a successful geek at High School, he was hoping that he could be a successful geek within University was well. He was even excited the moment the University Student elections came round. He won a position on the council with his campaign of I feel that the common ‘man’ should – ‘Get off his high-horse and ‘GET SHIT DONE’ … rather than bitch about it’. He slightly changed it to get the male vote with his belief that equal rights would work better if women went along those lines as well. Everything seemed to work out for his first year of University. This interest in the University politics heightened his interest in government politics but when he went to vote for the first time in the government elections that year; he was swamped with massive amounts of paraphernalia about Lucas Heights’ Research Facility and the Uranium Mining and so on and so on. It threw his entire life upside down; politics should be about the people, not about something so irrelevant like spending billions of dollars on something that doesn’t need renovating. From then on he didn’t want to vote, he never wanted to vote ever again.

From that point up until the present, his life was a shambles. He just never saw the point in going on with Architecture, sure having two or three degrees just never seemed what he wanted anymore. So he decided to change to Engineering. In the years that he had studied in this area, he had turned less and less interested in life and in trying to have a hand in the world or ‘changing’ the world for that matter. While in engineering Kendall happened to run into someone he met while on the campaign in his first year – a girl named Sandy. He remembered that all she ever wanted to be was a teacher of mathematics. He also remembered that if there was anyone who loved politics more then he used to, it was her – this caused two emotions to run through him, gladness that he had met a former friend, but also uncertainty for he wasn’t sure if she was going to talk to him about politics, something that he hated more than anything else in the world.

“Oh my goodness! Kendall!” Sandy exclaimed as she ran to him and gave him a big flying hug. “How are you? I haven’t seen you in ages, what are you doing in Engineering? I thought you wanted to be a big-shot Architect?”

Kendall sighed, not wanting to bring his first year up again. “I’m fine,” he smiled as she let go of him, “I did want to be one, but circumstances arose and now I’m thinking of studying to be an engineer and we’ll see how that goes. How about you? I thought you wanted to teach maths?”

Her eyes sparkled as she replied, “I did, but then I found out that the application of maths was much more exciting in an engineering degree then it was in a teachers DipEd. This is going to be awesome; maybe we’ll see each other in class sometime?”

Kendall nodded as Sandy looked at her watch and told him that she had to get to class, and as suddenly as she had appeared she was gone again. Over the next few years Sandy and Kendall began to see each other quite a lot while they were studying within the engineering department. Soon to the delight of their friends, they began to date and even though she knew he didn’t quite like politics anymore, she knew that he still thought about the subject, because she knew that, as Andy had said, someone as smart as Kendall couldn’t help but be interested in politics.


When Kendall had completed his two engineering degrees, he decided to change to Arts and major in History, Classics and English. During his time in this department he spent more time away from Sandy because she was still finishing off her degrees in engineering. But once a year they would get together to bicker about the student elections. Sandy always wanted him to try out again, because she believed that they did a fantastic job within the council in their first year. And even though she told him again and again that he had the brains to do anything he wanted, the twenty-four year old Greek male stated that it would feel beneath him to use his brains for anything political, that it was a waste of his time and that people only wanted to hear false promises that would never be made, purely because it made the candidate seem more awesome then they actually were.

Kendall argued that even after six years of his first vote for the Australian government, he was still pissed that they made so many empty promises and yet never do anything about the important issues within the country. Sandy knew that he had a point but even she was shocked when he decided to vote for the Climate Change Skeptics and the Australian Sex Party one year, it just made her feel like he was throwing his votes away. Kendall never cared though, he believed that the Australian government was just ‘fucking with the people’ and so didn’t deserve his vote, ever. He stated to her that the only way he would vote for any party or even go back into student elections were only if they would actually give promises they intended to keep and only if people would vote, not on a ‘popularity’ contest but on the important issues.

Sandy stared at him, with a very shocked expression. “What?” he asked, “I am asking for them to hold a simple set of principles, this is the major reason why in the ideas of governments, communism always kicks democracy’s arse!”

“But you can’t expect everyone to think the way you do,” Sandy inserted into his thinking. “Democracy has always been a popularity thing, think of the fact that – it’s why Reagan was voted in, in the 80’s.”

“Not always, I mean if we’re going to use American History as our backing point, look at when they voted in Edgar Hoover in the 30’s, that was the worst decision that the American people could have ever done, not counting George W. Bush Jr. I mean seriously popularity contests don’t always work, and more often than not…” Kendall stopped talking for a second to open up his notebook and jot down all the names of democratic leaders that he had learnt about in his History courses over the years. “…that popularity has fucked up the people and civilians of the said country, even ours. Believe me, if the governing ministers would actually start thinking like the communists and socialists and I don’t mean Stalinists etc. I’m talking about the idea of ‘for the people’, and then countries can be run even better. Seriously if they pushed that topic when they give me all that crappy paraphernalia, then I might even be inclined to listen to them and even give them my vote.”

Getting up, Sandy put her arms around his neck, kissing him gently she said, “You know you’re very cute when you get passionate about a topic, even if it is politics.” Kendall grinned sheepishly as they walked away from the lawns to get some lunch, leaving the ‘paraphernalia-spreading idiots’ to do their stuff.


“But I do know man,” Andy replied, “you’ve told that story waaaaay too many times. Yes, you were dis-enchanted by the idiots in the Australian government. Yes, your girlfriend is a political (and if I might say so myself) a little nuts! But it doesn’t mean you have to be this annoyed every time this happens. Seriously we have to walk through the Barr Smith Lawns more than you think, so you should really get over this complex you have.”

Kendall put on his best ‘indignated’ face and ‘glared’ at his best friend, “how DARE you!” He went to playfully cuff Andy over the head, which his friend ducked, grinning. “This isn’t a COMPLEX, I’m a realist.”

Andy cracked up laughing and, knowing that Kendall the geek would get the reference, put on his best McCoy voice, “DAMN IT Jim, I’m a DOCTOR!”

Kendall grinned at the reference and waved at Sandy who came running over with a hand-full of flyers. “No,” Kendall said straight away, “I’m not going to be your paraphernalia-spreading dork today.”

She grinned and kissed him on the cheek, “no I have something more important for you.”


In the end Kendall never really did get over his ‘complex’ of the idea of government being a popularity contest and I’d like to tell you that Kendall held onto his resolve and never took part in any student elections but that year instead of being a paraphernalia-spreading guy, instead he was elected under the banner ‘for the people’ with Sandy, and used his communist rant, that everyone loved, but that’s another story…

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