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This is basically a run of thoughts that were running through my mind at the time. It explains that I like the smaller gestures rather than big ones and how sometimes I get sad, yet it never lasts for long. Also how I want to be there for some friends of mine, and encourage them to trust me, and lend them my perspective on the world.

Submitted: April 15, 2008

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Submitted: April 15, 2008



To feel the way I do

First close your eyes and see

A blinding white landscape

Stretching beyond your gaze

To see as I see the world

First take away the big

And replace it with the small

Take the beauty from the living

Examine recognition

To know as I know

Read a book from end to beginning

And see what is hidden from thine eyes

Write not with unceasing flow

But with quite speculation

Denounced from ones own

Feel not the need to fill the space

With words that hold no thought

Let nothing ever bring you down

To the pit less fathoms of hell

Write not to me

And sing of clouds

That ride the ocean blue

Instead see the thanks that lay beyond my dept

I cry not for the lost

For what is lost is to be found

I cry not for the broken

For what is broken is to be fixed

Yet I cry for the unfixable

The unfound

I cry for the night that flew away

I cry for the nights I spent away

I cry for what may never be again

And for the world that looks upon my shame

Yet grief is not my only way

I do not cry so much

I’d rather laugh at your unbroken spell

And sing of summers come

I smile at the rainbow

Amidst the sorry rain

An yet to laugh is very well

To sing just as so

But to cry I find no comfort

So laugh I will

As candles burn

And dare them to yet burn again

To fires long quenched

Ill smile and say adieu

To lost loves I locked up

I’ll find the key again

Set them free I will

Say goodbye again

Ill sing and laugh as long as your there

But never any more

For I shall know your secret

Even if you hide

Beyond you rock I see your pain

No never run again

Feel you only cold hard stone

But come to me

And hold my hand

Ill lend my shoulder

Where tears are shed

And comfort found

And good things come to an end

Ill lift you up

And on your way

Will you not wave goodbye

For I have seen enough of this

And never will I forget

Lest I should burn

And let the night sing

A lament for you

I will never go back

And you will wonder

For you have not the sense

To see as I see

To feel as I feel

To cry as I cry

For these feelings are my own

Now buried in your stone


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