Take what you want from death

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You never really leave.

Submitted: June 07, 2012

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Submitted: June 07, 2012



I thought I saw you in the corner your sillouhette mocking the moon

The colors of yellow brightly shining on my wall

Dancing so graceful, so brilliant, beautifuly

I then saw the mask I had on wishing it could be

The silence of not a stranger

The stillness not of the past

Yet the radiant presence

Of what was taken from me

I thought I saw you smile before you started to fade

I thought I saw a glint of recognition in your eye

You must have recognized me

I could have sworn in my heart

You were not that far

Eventhough you were taken on bright sunny day

The rain was falling from our eyes

Drowning out are protest of cries

Buried beneath the soil

Claiming you were nothing but dust now

Taken to the wind

It wasn't true I saw you there that night

Dancing and smiling

Showing me life is always a surprise

Running your hands along my wall

as if wrapping them around me

You restored my heart from it's empty broken shell

You restored my faith

That even when you die

Time lets you live on still

Along my walls sillouhettes and moonlight

Making it seem as if everything stood still

Death is just an illusion I spoke the words I knew

Death is just a grievence to pour the leftover damage from your soul

Death is just a facade, just another fad

Death is for everyone

Yet in my eye you never died

That's how I realized I want to be remembered

As a vibrant shadow crept along somebodys wall

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