Forever, Forever More.

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Ego me bene habeo.

Submitted: February 17, 2009

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Submitted: February 17, 2009



Her feet, ever so graceful, lifted from the ground

Under a blanket of brilliant stars and symphonies ever so bound

To inspire oneself to twirl along with the unpredictable strikes

The darken world seeming alike

To the keys tapped with indefinite repine

The stars now seem out of line

The girl tilts her head just to see,

"just to see if he's watching me."

She cries to the Lord with all her might

The struggle between fate and will, she will fight

She considered to descend below

Six feet under with a dreadful woe

Hanging on her tongue, she feels his embrace

His fingers tracing along her hair a-lace.

She collapses to the ground to plea,

"Oh, God, oh, God, just take me,

Into your arms and carry me to see

My lover once again to cradle in my arms

It will be his lyre that so many he charms

Hell won't even deracinate

The full blossomed love that's state

Is healthy enough for me to go,

Summon me, I will bestow." 

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