Mankind's Greatest Blessing

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A benevolent race comes to Earth bearing a very special gift

Submitted: March 31, 2016

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Submitted: March 31, 2016



Mankind's Greatest Blessing


The President of the United States stood in front of the full length mirror and admired what he saw. Forty-five years old with a full head of hair and a body that would do any athlete proud. The years had truly been kind. He was soon joined by an equally impressive woman - his wife and first lady. She wrapped her arms around his big shoulders and put her lips on his neck. The effect it had on him was not lost on her.

“I think I should delay my press conference for, say, about an hour.”

Renee Jordan stepped back from her husband and said, “Now Jason, if you think I would let you miss the biggest conference you ever had for a little sex, you have another thing coming. Besides what would your constituents say?”

Jason Jordan flashed a smile towards his wife. “Once they see you in that dress, they will understand why. And you know this conference is just the prelim. The big one is three days away.”

 “I know it. This is all beyond belief. The world will never be the same after Thursday. The first of April 2021.”

Jason embraced his wife.

“As long as WE remain the same. The scrutiny on us will be even greater than before.”

“Absolutely darling, I….” There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

A young blond man stuck his head in the door and said, “Thirty seconds, Mr. President.”

“Thank you, Sullivan.”

Renee straightened Jason’s tie and smoothed the sleeves to his suit. “Go get them, darling. Your destiny awaits. I will be right here when you get back.”

President Jason Jordan turned and strolled out of the room towards the lights and cameras.

President Jordan lived for press conferences. His boyish good looks and charisma made him a natural for the cameras.

Today was no different.

He smiled in the aftermath as he was being escorted back to his room. This was his best one yet. How could it not be? He had just announced to the world that in three days, beings from another planet would be landing in Washington. He spent the majority of the time assuring the press the aliens were indeed friendly. How could they not be? He had one standing next to him during the entire session.

The aliens first contacted the United States six months ago. A probe was sent to the NASA station in Houston that contained messages from beings claiming to be from the planet Dimera. The Dimerans saw themselves as intergalactic researchers.  They had taken an interest in Earth and in learning the culture.

Naturally NASA was skeptical and the probe was examined by the finest scientists on the planet. When it was established that this was not some elaborate hoax, NASA followed the instructions on how to respond.

NASA had many questions, but by this time the Pentagon had taken over the project and the interest shifted to the protection and welfare of the country and planet. This concern was conveyed back to the probe senders. The Dimerans were patient and understanding of the Pentagon’s fears.

To allay them, the Dimerans offered to send an emissary to the planet as a goodwill gesture. The Pentagon agreed to accept a Dimeran on earth but refused to reciprocate by sending a human to them.

The Pentagon could no longer keep this a secret project, so they decided to inform the President. He was quite pleased with the situation and saw it as a way to improve his sagging approval ratings. Once the Dimeran was cleared as a non-threat, the alien would live with him and his family in the White House.

Preparations were made to have the alien come to earth in secrecy and several cover stories were created.

When the Dimeran arrived, everyone involved breathed a sigh of relief and fears of a dangerous alien disintegrated. The Dimeran was less than 5 feet tall and looked very much human.

The Dimeran was extremely patient as he was put through every kind of test known to man. The results showed his anatomic structure to be analogous to humans as well.

The similarities apparently ended there. The Dimerans were a highly intelligent race that learned to advance by studying other worlds they visit. 

The non-threatening alien was brought to the White House to meet the Jordan family. The two children, Alexis and Robert were immediately taken by the tiny alien. They named him Buddy and soon he became a part of the family. To satisfy the press, a story was put forth that Buddy was a distant relative of Renee Jordan and he was now a welcome addition in the White House.

For his part, Buddy was an academic sponge.  He read thirty six books a day and watched at least five hours of TV. During closing hours, Buddy was allowed in the Library of Congress to increase his knowledge base.  He finished everything there in less than a week. Buddy had medical and science journals brought in by the truckload. 

When White House staffers asked him why he was reading so much, he said, “to better help mankind.”

Buddy’s time studying did not get in the way of him interacting with the Jordan family. He was a hit with the children. And he thoroughly enjoyed his time with them.They played video games all hours of the night and he thrilled them with bedtime stories of worlds he had visited. Buddy found the children to be the most fascinating. He enjoyed their innocence and their ability to laugh at the most inane things. He often wondered why this was not prevalent in adults when it was apparent how much it was needed on Earth.

Finally, Buddy declared it was time for him to return to Dimera with his report. He informed President Jordan he had learned all that was necessary to help the planet. What Dimera would do for earth would affect every human in a positive way. This was going to be mankind’s greatest blessing.  The Dimeran told him it was time to reveal to the world who he really was and why he had visited Earth.

Jordan was, of course, quite reluctant to do this. He informed Buddy this was an election year and there could be no mistakes. Buddy suggested he and Jordan appear on TV together to make the announcement.

They would set the time, day and location when the rest of the Dimerans would land on Earth. The entire world would watch this and things would never be the same. Of course in a good way, Buddy assured him. Jordan agreed. He could see no downside to this proposition.

Three days before the Dimerans were set to arrive on earth Jordan stood in front of cameras with Buddy and made bold statements about the impending alien visitation.

At first there was shock, and then ridicule, until Buddy levitated in the air and performed other feats that no human could possibly perform. Buddy revealed his purpose then and there as well as what the Dimerans had planned for the world. The pressroom erupted with questions. Buddy told them all of those things must wait until three days from now. The earth would receive their greatest blessing from Dimera.

He said “Sloof Lirpa!” and then vanished.

Later that day a message arrived at the White House from Dimera. It contained the details of when and where the Dimerans would land.

The Dimerans chose the Mall at the Washington Monument. It also reiterated what Buddy said at the press conference. Be prepared to receive the solution to what ails the human race. At the bottom of the message, it contained the words SLOOF LIRPA. Jordan and his administration had an emergency meeting to discuss what all of this meant. The brilliant Sullivan estimated the Dimeran visit would send Jordan’s approval rating to nearly 91%.

Sullivan also pointed out that the impact on life itself could not be overstated. Energy, medicine, and religion would all have to be looked at, reevaluated and improved. It was all too amazing to comprehend.

And this would all be done on Jordan’s watch! Politicians from the other side would be hard pressed to defeat him in the upcoming election! History would look at him as more than just a Kennedy wannabe. This would likely make him the most popular president in history.

The next two days were spent preparing for the Dimeran arrival.A large platform was quickly erected for the Presidential group and a full landing area was set up for the aliens. The word around Washington indicated Jordan was guaranteed to crush the opposition in the election.

Arrival day saw the largest turnout at the Washington Monument in history. Every TV and radio station in the world was preempted for the event.  When President Jason Jordan and First Lady Renee Jordan stepped onto the elevated platform holding hands, the applause lasted over seven minutes.

“I will make a brief statement and I will not be fielding any questions. This day belongs to our new friends.” President Jordan read from his prepared statement:  “Thank you for joining me in this momentous occasion. Our world will change today for the better.  The Dimerans will help all of mankind! The time is almost at hand. I am proud to be your leader on this day.”

President Jordan stepped forward, raised his hands, paused in dramatic fashion and yelled, “Sloof Lirpa!

The crowd went wild and the President returned to his chair almost intoxicated by the reaction.

Four more years. My legacy is assured.

He smiled and waited for the Dimerans to arrive.

After two hours, the crowd began to stir restlessly.

Keeping a smile on his face, President Jordan signaled to Sullivan.  “Are we sure of the time and date?”

“Absolutely sir. The tech boys…they went over everything…I confirmed it myself.”

Jordan furrowed his brow. “Go back there…take a look at the message again. A long look. Maybe something was missed.”

“At once, sir. If there is something to be found, I will find it.” With that, Sullivan was off.

Renee tapped her husband’s knee.

“Darling. What’s happening? They should have been here by now. Secret Service and the local police are starting to report minor skirmishes here and in other parts of the city.”

Jordan could barely contain his fury.

 “What do you want me to do about that? I’m doing my best here. You just heard me send Sullivan to study the message again, right? We should learn something then. For God’s sake Renee, at least look happy!”

“Don’t take that tone with me, Jason. I’m on your side. But you know we cannot tie up airtime much longer and we look like a bunch of fools sitting up here.”

Sullivan sat and studied the message from the Dimerans in a small makeshift room. He read it over and over again. Everything was in order. The time, day, and locations were all correct. Perhaps there was another explanation. Could the Dimerans have forgotten? Could they be lost? Attacked by another race? It all seemed so absurd. But before last year, he could not imagine an alien living in the White House, so all possibilities had to be considered.  Sullivan continued these thoughts until he looked at the two words at the bottom of the message.

 He froze and his blood went cold.

Oh my God! No one realized it before now! Everyone missed it…..including me.  Unbelievable! This changes everything. I must tell the President at once!

Sullivan climbed the stage with wobbly knees. He approached the still smiling President and whispered his discovery in his ear. Upon hearing what Sullivan had to say, the President felt the color drain from his face as he turned as white as a sheet. Jordan looked at his wife.  His mouth was moving but no words were audible.

A concerned Renee asked, “Darling, what is it?” 

Sullivan leaned over and shared the news with her. The First Lady put her fist in her mouth and shook her head. She whimpered, “We’re dead. Dead. All of us. The whole administration.”

Six hours later the crowd had completely dispersed. The networks had all departed, save for one who continued to report on what was called President Jordan’s day of infamy. Rumors had already begun to swirl that Congress was going to call for impeachment and attempt to file criminal charges.

The President was oblivious to this as he, his wife, Sullivan and the Secret Service detail remained on the stage hoping for something they knew was not to be.

The aliens were not coming.

They stayed for another hour until the Secret Service forcibly insisted they all return to the White House.

Jordan drained another drink. His fifth. Renee had long since gone to sleep with the aid of crying and sleeping pills.

Might as well get sloppy drunk and join her, he thought. After tomorrow nothing will be the same.

He laughed at that thought. How true. At least for him and his family. If only he had looked at things more closely. Everything was there in front of him. If only he had not been so blind to ambition. If only…

On impulse, Jordan grabbed a pen and pad and on it he wrote the last two words of the Dimeran message: SLOOF LIRPA. He walked up to the mirror and held up the paper. He began to laugh uncontrollably.

Who knew?

In the mirror the message read: APRIL FOOLS.



Far away in a distant galaxy, the Dimerans conversed about their contact with planet Earth. They were all pleased with the results.

“An intriguing concept, this humor.”

“Yes, it is a powerful elixir for the humans.”

The one nicknamed Buddy spoke up, “One of their greatest authors wrote about it. The cure to all.Humans just failed to use it on such a grand scale and now we have shown them the way. We can only hope they truly appreciate what we have done for them.”


© Copyright 2019 Ethan Howard. All rights reserved.

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