The Anti-Life Manifesto

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  No Houses
The most evil man who has ever lived has declared war on the human race. Introduced briefly in Sidereus Nuncius, Rex Talion takes center stage here and you get a glimpse into the mind of a madman.

This is the prequel to Hostis Humani Generis (Book Two in the Opportvnvs Adest series) due out March 20, 2016.

Don't you dare miss it.

You have been warned!

Submitted: February 28, 2016

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Submitted: February 28, 2016



My name is Rex Talion and I am going to destroy the world.

It is going to be just the opposite of that T.S. Elliot poem. The world is going to end with a bang, and I will be the one to fire the shot heard throughout the universe.

I am filled with hate.

Hate is the most powerful emotion of all, and the only one that matters in the universe. I have tapped into its energy, and I will use it to fuel my determination and my intellect.
I am the world’s richest man and I have supernatural allies who have the power to level a galaxy.
I have the means, motive, and opportunity and nothing is going to stop me.


When I was a child, the world tried everything in its power to kill me.
It began when my biological mother inexplicitly abandoned me at birth. For that reason I hate her without knowing her. I do not know where my real mother is, but it is of no consequence, because if she still lives, she will die alongside of everyone else on this planet shortly. It was because of her that I ended up living with Richard and Mary Thurmond, two of the most sadistic, abusive parents who ever existed.

The Thurmonds beat me every day until I bled. They locked me in my room day and night without heat in the winter or cool in the summer. I took my meals with no utensils and I was forced to use my closet as a toilet while they screamed obscenities at me from the other side of the door.

I wondered what I had done to them to make them so hateful toward me. I thought if I was so terrible, so evil of a child, perhaps I did not deserve to live. But I decided it was not up to me to take my own life. They were my parents. They gave me life (or so I thought at the time) and it was their right to end it.

The Thurmond’s must have been frustrated with me because I remained alive. Or maybe they thought I needed to suffer some more. It does not matter because they gave me my own personal servant.


This man introduced me to a different kind of suffering.

Calling that filth a pedophile does not do him justice. How many years did he use me as his own sex toy? It got to the point where I actually looked forward to his “visits” because I knew there I would get some relief from the daily beatings by the Thurmonds. When Stegman’s “love” became unbearable, I longed for the whippings from my so called parents again.

With nowhere to go, once I learned to read I turned to the only book allowed in my room.  I actually believed the things it said. The power of prayer. Miracles. God protecting the innocent and the weak. I waited for him to come down to rescue me from all the evil.

I waited and I waited.

Then I waited some more.

Nothing happened.

The pain and misery increased, but I endured. I endured and became stronger. Eventually my resolve and my strength caught the attention of the monsters that roam this planet.


They told me my life, my world, and the entire universe is built on lies. They told me the blurred lines between good and evil are only a matter of perspective. They told me there is no God. Only a power hungry being called Yar who pretended to be one. They told me I can use all the terrible things that happened to me and become the most powerful human who ever lived.

I believed everything they told me.

They gave me their mark and I set out to become what they said I could become.
It was not easy, but I perfected my mind and body. Fortunately, the Thurmond’s were billionaires and their money went to me after their deaths. With my wealth and assets, I did become the most powerful man who ever lived. But I could not let it end there. No.

There had to be more. I was too angry.

I still am.

This world has to pay for all the things it did to me. The abuse, the misery and the lies. I decided the cycle of life on this planet must end once and for all.
I learned there are more monsters out there than just the Degans, and many of them feel as I do. They, too, hate this world and want to see it end.
I have bonded with these beings and we formed a group.

The Quid Pro Quo.

Together we are going to destroy Earth.
But first, I am going to make every living soul on this planet feel as I did on those cold, dark nights, waiting for the next horrific thing to happen to me. They will look up at the sky for hope, but they will only see darkness. They will pray for a miracle and be greeted with death.

The beauty of all of this is many will recognize the things as they happen. They will open up to the last chapter in the bible and icy fear will overwhelm them. They will convince themselves that it will turn out good for them, that they will win in the end. They will clutch the book of lies as I once did as a child. The difference between me and them is that I will live. I will do what no other could. I will give the masses famine, disease, war, and when they cannot bear it any longer, when they are ready to peel the flesh from their bones to make it all stop, I will give them death with all of the malice I can muster.

They will die.

All of them. I will endure, and I will be their destroyer.

I have studied every great leader, conqueror, and despot who received the Degan mark in exhausting detail. I know them better than they knew themselves. Julius Caesar was generous to his enemies. Alexander the Great was the greatest conqueror the world had ever seen, but he openly desired peace. Genghis Khan failed to see the full picture. The man refused to spread his empire beyond Asia. Napoleon was a brilliant tactician who allowed his passions to be whipped up into such a frenzy that it ultimately led him to get careless on the battlefield. Adolph Hitler was charismatic and powerful but he craved positive reinforcement with every breath he took. He allowed his need for attention to fuel his paranoia and prejudice to unbalance his perspective.  All of it led to his undoing.  These insecurities and weaknesses are things that do not plague me.

I am strong where they were weak. Where they were strong, I am even stronger.

I have spent years perfecting my plan and it will be executed with subtlety and expert precision. And it will all be done from my office at Talion Industries.

I will use my wealth to aid the masses. I will gain their trust by solving the world’s petty problems. Poverty, unemployment, and lack of healthcare will become things of the past. The have-nots will begin to have. The disenfranchised will be a part of society once more.  All of this will thrust me into the limelight. The people will want to see me, hear me, and as much as I loathe it, touch me. They will want to know about me, my origins and my motivations for doing these things.  I will give them what they want and they will love me for it. They will give me awards and adoration which I will humbly receive.

All of this will be done in the light, while in the shadows I will be planting the seeds for their destruction.

I have begun to ally myself with all the greedy men throughout the world who seek power. I will make them even richer and they too will foolishly love me for it. Together we will form a power block that will eclipse any that has gone before.

It will be called the New World Quorum.

The Quorum will control the world’s commerce, economy, religion, and medicine. No country will be allowed to go to war without our permission. The flow of information through print and electronic media will be circulated by us. Nothing will reach the public that is not approved by the group.

The Brotherhood of Death, Freemasons, Mafias around the world, the Templars, and even the Second Vatican Council will have no choice but to fall in line under my leadership.

Those that do not will die. Anyone who gives the slightest hint of opposition will be eliminated. It is that simple.

They are only a collection of humans while I have the Quid Pro Quo and thousands of Degans at my disposal.

Two groups. The New World Quorum and the Quid Pro Quo. Both run by me. The one with humans will be used to control the world, and the other with the assemblage of monsters will destroy it.

I am aware of the special individuals charged with safeguarding this planet. The Quid Pro Quo has spoken often of them. Only they have the will and the might to oppose me. I have already developed a plan to remove them as a threat. They have no idea what I am doing and they will never see me coming until it is too late.

I will not fail. It has been preordained. I am the one in the Codex Gigas that fulfills the Degan prophesy. The third and final great evil. The human who will pave the way for the Discarded One.

The world will experience Nirvana and then the Great Divide. I will follow those events with the Day of Reckoning and the Twilight. Phase One will come to fruition by 2016 and will conclude with Phase Two in the year 2020.

Earth will not live to see another year after 2020. I am the anti-life for all those on the planet. I am death with a smile. The helping hand that carries a dagger, and after Earth is laying in smoldering ruins, I will unleash my hatred on the rest of the universe.

© Copyright 2020 Ethan Howard. All rights reserved.

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