Grace's Dreams

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

In this short story, the two characters Josh and Grace, are in love but Grace has some major mental problems that cause her to loose control. Josh is, of course, always there for her.

The mind and its functions, whether conscious or subconscious, fascinate me, particularly how the mind can trick you into things.  The ways relationships work are also a part of neural activity, and whether we like to admit it or not, they play a huge role in our daily lives. Have you ever found yourself hearing about abusive relationships from friends or the news and mentally spitting on the abusive proponent? In the following fictional story, I have created a scene of great pain about abuse, coupled with the mind, and yet heartwarming love, and, have tried to create something that will not only draw you, my reader, into this sad tail but make you want to read it a second time.

Grace crawled towards the door on her elbows, blood smudging the carpet with every movement. Cuts and bruises permeated her body and her hair was a tangled mess as Josh walked up beside her, a bottle in his hands.

“Where are you going Grace?” He asked in a low slurred tone. Tears streamed down her face and she tried to speak, but all she could accomplish was choking and sputtering. Her chest vibrated as she began to sob harder. Josh leaned down next to her.

“I told you what would happen if you ever tried to leave again Grace,” he whispered in her ear, the smell of alcohol splashing over her nostrils heavily.

“I should have left when I met you!” she screamed. “You swore! You swore you would never hurt me!” Grace sounded frantic as she tried to get to her feet and run towards the door, still sobbing. Before she got past her knees Josh grabbed her by the hair and lifted her up off the ground. Grace’s face twisted in pain and she punched at his face. Josh blocked the attack with his bottle and it shattered, spilling the clear liquid all over. He yanked her head back and slapped her, opening a new cut on her cheek. By now she was reduced to half muffled chokes and sobs; she didn’t have the energy to fight anymore. Josh threw her onto the bed and grabbed a long piece of rope.

“Josh.” She crooned, blood running from her mouth. “Please my love, don’t do this. I’ll be good I swear.” He shook his head and lashed her hands with rope then tied the rope to the bed. “Anything; please my darling. Please!” She finally screamed.  The pleading kept up in between hysterical sobbing and screams. Her face was red and her night cloths ripped. Josh leaned down so their lips were only inches away.

“This is your fault. You did this; remember that Grace.” Grace kissed him for a long moment before he pulled away and stepped back, taking out a liter. A cold calm suffused Grace as Josh lit it, and as if in slow motion threw it onto the spilled Vodka. The flammable alcohol ignited instantly and became a raging inferno within seconds, catching the bed and walls on fire. It roared around Josh but somehow he wasn’t affected. Heat crept around Grace as the fire ate away slowly at the bed, then it hit her leg. Before she could scream it leapt up her entire body. She was burning! Grace shrieked. There was so much pain, she couldn’t understand how it could hurt this much. Her head lulled to the side and she saw Josh standing in the middle of the inferno, watching, silently. Her body lifted in the air and strained against the ropes as she shrieked again, then everything went black.

Grace sat straight up in bed screaming. Josh woke beside her, scrambling for his handgun.

“Grace what is it!?” Sweat dripped down her face and body as she looked around in a panic. Josh set the weapon back inside of its holster and returned to the bed, wrapping his arms around her. He had short brown hair and a muscled form with green eyes. “Sh. It’s going to be okay my sweet. Don’t worry,” he whispered. Grace was still shaking and gasping. “Tell me about it.” Grace scrambled away from him as quickly as her muscles would carry her, breathing very hard.

“You!” she sobbed.

“What Grace?”

“It was you!”

“What did I do my love?” he asked. She dropped to the ground sobbing so hard her body rocked back and forth.

“You…you hit me and then….” Her sentence was cut short again by a massive hiccupping sob. “How could you!” she accused, her head buried so far in her own cloths he could barely hear her.

“I did not do anything Grace! You were dreaming.” Josh sat beside her and wrapped his arms around her. “You didn’t take your medicine again, did you love?” he asked, kissing her tussled red hair. 

“Medicine,” Grace stammered, “what medicine?” Josh sighed and snatched a prescription bottle from the table beside their bed.

“The medicine that helps with your condition my darling,” he told her softly. Grace took the bottle and stared at it, then looked him.


“Yes Grace?”

“I remember…I am sorry.” Josh gave her a small smile and kissed her forehead.

“Take the medicine my love and then we can stay up until it kicks in.” She nodded and downed one of the pills with a bottle of water Josh handed her, and then Josh gathered her up in his arms and gently set her on the bed, lying right beside her, one arm touching her. 

“You never leave contact with me…” she whispered almost so low Josh didn’t catch it. “Even if it’s just our fingers touching, you always take care of me.” Josh nodded.

“Of course Grace. I love you more than anything.” He smiled and kissed he freckled cheek, running his finger up and down her arms, also spotted with freckles. Her red hair was splayed out around her shoulders and her white tank top and gray shorts were wrinkled from not being ironed in a while. Grace smiled and laid her head on Josh’s chest.

“You always take care of me…” she whispered again. shutting her eyes.

Submitted: November 26, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Ethan Knight. All rights reserved.

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