Defying Darkness

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Newton and his wife Miranda have been sent on the first manned out of galaxy trek, but every trip has a couple bumps in the road, but instead of a bump this is more of a pot hole, a black hole! This is the preview for the book i'm writing, hope you enjoy, please tell me what you think!

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Defying Darkness

Submitted: November 16, 2015

I wrote this not knowing about the chapter thing, so I wrote all chapters on the same chapter, so this is my thoughts and process for the book! So basically I learned about the theory of white holes, and I love black holes, then this idea dawned on me, why not make a book about it, then bam the idea with Newton and Miranda hit me! I love writing, and I really love the way Rick Riordan writes, so I kinda write like him! But bringing Newton to life was a blast, bringing all his colors into show from when he laughs to when he cries to when he's angry, it was really fun! Miranda is this bright and happy person, that was a lot like me on my happy days, she loves Newton with all her heart, secretly she thinks she loves him more than he loves her, but will soon have her mind changed! (Semi-spoiler alert)---------- Janice is a character than so far is a blank slate to us, but in the next book we will definitely see her story, and why she was in space in the first place, many things are in my head ready to bloom in Defying Darkness- Breaking through time, so stay tuned for previews, and so on and so forth! Read Chapter