The fool inside of me

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A poem depicting of when is actually "too late". My first poem out of boredom, so please go easy on me.. ^^"

Submitted: January 03, 2009

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Submitted: January 03, 2009



The Fool Inside of Me

Rain dripping down in the clear cold glass

My tears falling down in my cheeks

The cold atmosphere sucking the breathing air within me

I sit by the window, in this darkened room

...Thinking deeply...

Whom am I supposed to confide on?

To whom am I now supposed to lean?

The only person that now once loved me

Is out of that door, never again to look back to me

I was too late

I kept pushing him away, because I was afraid to love someone

Afraid to get hurt yet again

Doubts paved my way, uncertainties were evident

I said "I'm afraid to fall in love, I'm afraid to fall for you."

He smiled in return and spoke the words that made my heart to unusually flatter

"Don't worry, I have wings."

Familiar, no?

Yet I was still in denial, that I was already falling for him

He was always there for me, though I insisted I was actually alone

I seflishly nurtured my pain and hurt, convincing myself that nobody loved me

I was foolish

I was in denial

I lost him because of that.

When I realized it, I ran to him with smiles across my face

Only for him to tell me

That he had already given up, after years

and had fallen in love to someone else

I was foolish

I was in denial

I lost him because of that.

Now I am truly alone, the thought I convinced myself is finally a reality

I watched the girl walk down the aisle

With him all smiles by the altar

My tears had dried up, but my heart hurt like I was going to die.

I was foolish.

I was in denial.

It was too late.

And I lost him because of that.

Goodbye, my first and lastlove.

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