Cant You See?

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Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



Cant you see?
How your words hurt me
Like wounded daggers aimed straight to my heart
But the imbued silence in your eyes are much worse
For they dig deeper down to my souls hearse

Maybe you're telling the truth
But I dont want to know
Nor do I want sugar-coated lies
I just want your faith in my blithe despondency
Help me calm down my minds ambivalency

Words are never enough to breathe my feelings into you
Neither are these evanescent tears
So just look through me
Can you hear the ink swaying on the paper?
Freeing those invisible screams under the algid vapour

Sceams of delusion that was never cleared
Screams of hatred hidden behind layers of hurt
Screams pain to be endured
Screams of shame to be cured
Screams repeating to be inured…

An infinite cycle of alienation
Trying to make it better
But making it worse instead
Filled with withering images, the cycle repeats again
Over and over until routine comes to reign

Do you see now?
But I guess you never did
Neither did they
So please dont ask me anymore questions
There is no explination
Only one demostration
Our only solution
Let me release my soul to our irenic isolation
Maybe then I’ll return back with my salvation…


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