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The only thing better than a woman in love, is one safely out of it.

Submitted: July 07, 2008

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Submitted: July 07, 2008



I will be here

I will wait

Where I can be safe


No heartbreak can take place

if I'm not there to hurt

Let another take the fall for me


Let another taste your kisses

and feel your heat

upon her and within


I will not envy her

No I will not

I cannot


I won't be the one crying, mending

picking herself up

I removed myself far

from that chaos


I am only the observer of

the havoc your presence causes

not the bearer of the brunt of it

For that I am grateful


Do I yearn for even

a drop of your affection?



Not if it means I have you forever

am privy to what they will never know

while they sample what I will never feel

I must feel content with that good lot


I think you need me like air

I am necessary and you do not know it


I am sure you need them

like a shiny new toy

the joy already passing

from the very first moment


I am afraid I need you like an antidote

I am desperate for a cure

from this affliction you brought upon me.

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